Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Jog Thought

Finishing my 16th mile yesterday was easy, finally. After 3 weeks of logging miles, starting sloooow since cooking Lachlan for 9 months then nursing him for 6 weeks, I am back! Now on a scale of Kenyan to Sumo wrestler, I am no longer a lumbering Tricerotops as I pound the pavement. Nor am I that gazelle, but I am definietly lighter on my feet and the movements feel smooth again.
The last two runs I've managed to misplace my iPod or it was just not available at that moment, so I ran without music. In the past, not having my iPod would mean not running that day, an unbearable torture- running in silence. But my last two runs have actually been my best.
I can think without music; I make myself go through each moment of my day with Sunny and Lachlan and decide what I need to work on (patience! They're only little once!) I also spend lots of time thinking about my marriage and ways to... just be us again- like nights out ALONE together (something we did Friday night and it was similar to The Notebook- Jason remembered who I was and how much fun we can have together-- how we used to be in Noosa when we first met, and it was great).

After my runs I am recharged and I usually reward myself with a beer (icey can of Coors Light, yum!). I am ready to face the kids and husby again. I've decided since the in-laws have been here that mommy-time is important. Its something I am totally going to keep up, long after the original Gligorovs have flown home. Even though the Mommy Guilt is always there when I leave the house without the littles in tow, even if I'm going to Publix, for them, I ignore the guilt as much as I can. Screw it, mommy's need alone time too!

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