Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cold Offspring

Sunny sometimes wakes up periodically throughout the night, usually after 4a, and we let her shuffle around and cry a little until she goes back to sleep. But when its cold like it has been here in Florida, we lay awake and wonder aloud if she's cold, too. We have the heater on and she is layered up with a singlet, socks, and her warmest feety jammies- and still she's cold.

We cant be the only parents who worry that their kids are cold, and rightfully so- Jason usually goes and gets her and they sleep the rest of the morning, warm, under our comforter, & on the recliner.

There are many more months of winter and I just cant stand it any longer. I bought Sunny this today:

I found it originally on Halo's website under Sleep Sacks for Early Walkers. It would've been over $36 to order one there. On it is $20 (with shipping) and will be here by Friday. Not that we will really need it Friday night; I think we will use it during the really cold nights. It is basically a blanket worn over the pajamas. The reason this is needed is because Sunny has never kept a blanket on. She is too young to pull one over herself. We also put her in her crib awake each night, but sleepy. She sometimes stands and moves around before nodding off, thus throwing off any blankets. I creep in there before bed to cover her once for the night... & that must get thrown off about 4a.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What 2011 Brings

Things I Want to do in 2011:

Send out New Years cards instead of a holiday card. I think this will be the new "in" thing to do. And I have a few unique ideas. And I'm sick of the same 'ole Christmas poses, you know what they are: I saw a lot of yours this year.

Save my pennies each month for a bigger Christmas tree. Jason totally got the upper hand this season with the tree height decisions and next year its my turn. No less than 8 feet to make up for 2010's slack.

Not get pregnant.

Run a half-marathon with my dad. This has many goals in mind, including the actual distance would be a first- plus the Gligs are planning an Aussie Christmas down unduh and I want to be able to wear a tank top and shorts (in their dead of summer) and, I know this is pushing it, a bikini.

Find a decent Christmas parade. Sebastians was for me and Sunny, and even Jason couldnt finish a drink in the amount of time the parade lasted. Boooooo. I've heard Vero's is nice.

Finish learning German before we actually go there in June. I've got many many hours to log in, I'm loving it, but finishing is key.

Thats all I can think of right now. I just ran every month through my mind and it is insane the amount of things we have to accomplish this year. I keep repeating this each year, but it really will be our most eventful year to date.

I'll be 28 this year, celebrating our 2 year anniversary of being married, applying for Jasons permanent residency (he's conditional at the moment. On condition that I sign, as his wife, that he is aloud to stay, hehehe), applying for a real-persons mortgage at a bank (thats a long story....), oh, I forgot- have Baby Glig #2 somewhere in there, then host Jasons parents at our place for awhile, then follow them to Germany!, train for half-marathon in between all this, celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary (this will be the only year or it will just be too many anniversaries for us)... Jason turns 33 or something up-there like that, and we'll conclude our busy 2011 in Oz. See, told ya it was a lot. VERY hopeful and excited for 2011. Lets do it!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy List

What makes the Gligs happy: (since Brooke told me to do it at

Not being sick (which we never are, but I do not take this for granted).
Cleaning day (equalling a pleasently smelling house thats also nice to look at).
Babies kicking inside me.
A wagon ride.
Traveling the world.
A good photo, usually with Sunny in it.
Meme & Papa.
Weekly Skyping with the Original Glig(orov)s.
Sewing projects.
Online poker (can you guess who's favorites these items belong to?)
Three Lambies.
My weekly meal plan & the results (a new dinner every night!)
Coffee & GMA
A tan (this was hard to remember since its so cold right now and I'm really liking Uggs over a tan).
Running (also hard to remember).
18 holes of golf.
Evo. & Bluetooth. I decided yesterday that I need to wean myself off things (aftermath of Christmas). Mmmm but I love my Evo.
Popcorn and butter at the theater.
Getting my hair done.
Learning another language.

Most things in my life make me happy. I love my life.

& like Brooke told me to, go make your own list. Its refreshing.

26 weeks and Pre-Christmas Festivities

I had my first doctor's appointment in Jupiter this week. Once, I was looking forward to delivering Baby Glig #2 fifteen minutes away from my house, in Vero Beach. Now I am back to driving over an hour, like we did with Sunnylee. Upsides: same Drs who delivered Sunny and a hospital that has the most amazing delivery suites.... Ahh.... cant wait.
We are 26 weeks along in this pregnancy, about 6 1/2 months and depending on where you look, in the 3rd trimester apparently, though I think I'll announce that at 28 weeks. Seems more appropriate. Baby is kicking often and other than extreme allergies, I am doing fine.

Our family has been nice and busy, making December fly by. There have been Christmas parties, parades, a moms meeting, Dr & hair appointments (both equally important), & Aussies visiting to pass the time. Jason and Sunny and I had a great week entertaining his mates from Sydney. I mostly enjoyed all the dining out we did. I realized today we didnt take one photo of the entire week... dissapointing!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Gligs Repeatedly Run Into Famous Situations

Look at this photo from our wedding very closely, then watch the following Modern Family clip  :) 
hint: the wedding officiator (ok, so that was the entire clue but I didnt
wanna make this difficult for some)
How cool?

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Very Glig Christmas Letter

The Gligorov Adventures Continue… 2010

The short version of our Christmas letter this year is that we found someone foolish enough to give us a mortgage and we moved to Sebastian Florida, everyone is fine and/or pregnant, we had a great summer where it was too hot to even think about going outside, there was a wedding, nothing tragic that we couldn’t expertly deal with occurred since last Christmas, & we are not yet rich and will be less so after the 25th. For those of you with stamina, a more detailed account follows:

In January we traveled to Australia where Sunnylee met our friends and family for the first time. In April we bought our first home. We have a guest bedroom (& grass to mow and carpet to vacuum) so feel free to visit anytime. In September, twenty five friends and family members from the US, Australia, and Germany all traveled to Maui for a Very Gligorov Wedding. Jason and I said vows to stay together ‘til the bitter end. It was gold.

Jason is still at his job; it appears that his bosses love him! And since his job directly involves beer, I don’t see the two parting ways any time soon. Thank goodness for that, my paycheck has been quite small since, well, since I met Jason is really when it all started... He’s taken up golf with a Tiger-like fervor, hasn’t lost to anyone in table tennis since moving here, and I quote him, “I continued my career as a father.” That’s gonna be a long stressful career. But most fulfilling.

I’ve returned to my job, which is baby-maker. It doesn’t offer too many benefits: in fact, insurance is out of the question. Its temporary, I only have through March. But seriously, the pregnancy’s been a breeze thankfully, or maybe I just have other things on my mind, like “I haven’t heard Sunny for a bit…Are the baby gates up?” We’ve kept the gender a surprise like the first time, loving the reactions of others. Oh, and we do it for an easier time during labor, its life’s only surprise … & tradition. But really to ^#&@ off our friends. Yes, I just used salty language in our Baby Jesus’ Birthday letter.

Sunny can already say about 500 words, six of which are in English. Maybe she’s learning German faster than I am? Since we don’t have a dog it’s also fun to teach her sign language. She can sign you right off the farm, as animals are her obsession currently. Her other interests include eating while staying in size 6 month clothing for over a year (I think she’s doing Pilates in her crib) and training to be a metal detector by finding all the screws her daddy leaves laying about the deck construction going on out our back door. She’s managed to keep us fearful in 2010 by falling face first out of her wagon onto the road, keeping one fever at 105 for a few days, and most recently, jumping into the [full of water] bathtub when bath time was clearly over. At Thanksgiving dinner this year, when it was my turn to give thanks, I said, “We are thankful that Sunny’s nose is slightly bigger or it never would’ve stuck above the surface for air that night.”

Love from us: Jason, Abby, Sunnylee, Baby Glig #2, Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer, etc . . .

P.S. If a yearly review of the Gligorovs just isn’t good enough, visit


Monday, December 6, 2010

Cute Calendar

Real quick- made this today. Got the idea from Young House Love & whipped it up during Sunny's naptime on Microsoft Publisher.

Custom 2011 calendar for the Glig family.
Each month is a phrase of individual happenins' in our lives & anniversarys of amazing dates of the past. Kinda neat. Although my 3mo whiteboard calendar wall [inspired by Pottery Barn] trumps it always, this cute paper calendar makes me smile.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Gligs Thanksgiving Week Accomplishments

-Went to Meme & Papa's house for Thanksgiving, a few days early to get in the right festive mood.
-Had a playdate with Beau, 2 days in a row, AKA happy hour (beer & oysters for the mama's! minus beer for me)

- Went on a 3 mile walk with Beau's mom. I regret it since I was a train wreck the following day, T-Day, with exhaustion and general crabbiness.
-I almost became the first person ever to die of allergies, if there is such a thing.
-Whipped up a Thanksgiving leftover specialty back in Sebastian- an impromptu turkey pot-pie ala Paula D which was scarfed faster than Thanksgiving the day before. Recipe here.
-Jason put up Xmas lights outside of our house once we came back from Okeechobee- before any other house in the neighborhood! Our first time decorating as well for our first Xmas at our first house. It is actually our 3rd Christmas together, but it feels brand new this year!

-I happened to capture this video & decided Sunnylee had had enough of Okeechobee & its rascals so we went back home.