Saturday, October 6, 2012

Early Christmas Presents

$8 Melissa and Doug puzzle from Homegoods/Marshalls.
It wasat Michaels for $12.

I found a few pictures that I liked but werent super sentimental.
Just needed certain people in the puzzle holes.
I traced with a pencil around the photo then cut them out.

All my shapes are cut. Got all my 'people' in the puzzle.

Mod Podge directly into the holes. Place photos in. Mod Podge over them as well.

This project is a present from Santa for the mini Gligs. Santa came
early this year and is secretly hiding gifts in a box so when
Christmas comes he's not overwhelmed with thoughtless gifts.

The glue dried clear over these pics and is now super fun.
Semi homemade and original to our family.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Lined Paper Project

 Saw this originally here and had a great project in mind for it. I wrote an inspring paragraph on our white board. Jason told me Monday that he actually reads it often and is encouraged to go about his stressful day more optimistically. "Today is tough, but tomorrow the kids are grown and we are going to have the rest of our lives to enjoy each other, and mainly, travel...." is basically the message.

I printed a favorite photo of my family onto lined notebook paper
(it is my complete family, as I am pregnant with Lockie here).
I made the photo super faded on picmonkey[dot]com with a method
I cant easily explain on here but it was easy.

It took 3 tries for my printer to accept thin lined paper, and I am happy with the results!
I wrote out my message from this white board onto paper
where it is now forever transcribed for our family to read when we need it  :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Paint for 1 Year Olds'

This is how Lachy paints. Paint, that mixes and makes new colors!, thats put into a ziploc and sealed then taped to a surface.

He swirls it around and makes no messes!

His sister cant stand it, she joins in on the fun.

This lasted oh, 5minutes. Then I had to really get creative.

He's outta here whether I want him to be or not.

Move the project to the window!

Which is super bright but whatev.

Its also fun on the window. And he can come back to it again and again.

E is for Elevator

Extra large googly eyes. Spray painted on my garbage cans with very nice black paint that I had laying around.

I love letting a project dry for a loooong time. Then I know its super dry. No rushing a paint job.
Finally using my scrapbook numbers and letters. This is Sunny and Lachlan's elevator button project.
The googly eyes indent a little bit.

Oil Pan Magnetic Board

Kiley Jo needed a 1st birthday present and I didnt want to get it at the store. I was also too late for anything original from Etsy so here I am, the weekend of, and feeling very creative.
I went to Michael's and bought these pre-painted wooden characters. They were $.59! I also bought magnets and when I got home glued them together.
There are a few Christmas decorations thrown in there. Have to use my glue and magnets on other projects while the glue and magnets are out. Notice that super glue. It was super glue.

Super glue tragedy. I screamed when I quickly tried to pull this off, the MOMENT I got glued to it. Wow. Rubbed some canola oil over it for 5minutes over the sink until it fell off. I was frightened.

My garbage bins are my sawhorses where I paint. I seriously need an area for this. I just dont want to drag out my painters cloth from the garage. Im worried its full of black widow spiders.

Dont use your PBR to spraypaint your oil pan. Only used for hydration. Oh, I used paint made for metal as well. An 'heirloom white'. Love it. I was worried since the oil pan is greasy (why!?) and slick. It worked fine. No sanding or anything.

Another paint area: the ac unit. Good for paint drying.

Kiley: dont choke on my gift. Make sure someone is watching you while you play with the magnets. Call me if you swallow them. They arent something you 'let pass'- they will make your insides migrate together. Ok. Have fun!