Friday, June 29, 2012

Project Preview

We had mates over! Just a casual Friday morning playdate party with the neighbor kids.

After a nap I let the Gligs destroy the driveway with paint.  I lined up several projects while they slept that I looked up on Pinterest. A footprint project, painting with golfballs, sidewalk chalk paint, and painting over sticker-letters that spell their name when you pull the stickers off later.

Here Lachlan has already tried to eat the paint. Notice his green foot. Now they think painting the bottoms of their feet is normal.

Spilling was the most exciting part. This stuff was just cornstarch and water and food coloring. Came right off everything. Was perfect for this young age (1 and 3).

Lachlan tries to paint with golfballs. Just wants to throw golfballs.
 Sunny liked this activity- might have to do some of these sans brother.

Jason thought we painted golfballs today.

Perfect ballerino in third position

Finished projects to follow....

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Jason admitted today that he's terrible at mowing the lawn, but good at corralling the kids and maintaining the house.

Thats a relief. Because I enjoyed mowing today. And was good at it.

I can deal with the kids, but they wear me out.

& house is a mess.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Drei jahre alt.

Look at this sassy 3 year old who wanted her birthday cake for brekkie:

She's gone from this tiny 6lb newborn... to a tiny 3 year old Pixie.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Doilies. Yes doilies

Love this. As soon as my crochet doilies came in the mail I sat down and strung them together. I saw this idea on my cousins Pinterest and when I searched for some they were $20 and up. I would never pay that, especially when I found these here for $3.50. And I have string and know how to use it. Here's the finished project strung up under my other garland in the kids' playroom:

Day 2 of Summer Projects

I dont know who I'm turning into: this mom who does crafty projects with her kids?? Not that I dont want to, or that I dont have fun, but I dont normally have time and I figured it was time consuming and a mess. I am pleasantly surprised that the ideas I'm finding on Pinterest are fun and engage Sunny. I think its just her age: she's able to do these projects now and spend time on them which makes it worth the preparation and cleanup. She'll be 3 next week.

Here she is playing with baking soda, a water dropper and colored vinegar.
Lachlan plays on the floor with spoons and a bowl while Sunny does fun stuff. He likes to make noise.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Obstacle Course

Attempt number 2. Destruct-atron Lockie foiled our plans initially. But once he went to sleep we were able to play "under-over" for awhile. I'm betting that when daddy gets home we'll play even longer. If Lachlan hasnt pulled it all down.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Glig Nursery

The Glig nursery. Its not finished, but I finally looked at it in another light the other day- pretty cool! Almost done! Still a work in progress, but we've crossed a threshhold here.
I'd like to thank Pinterest. HomeGoods. ETSY. For the inspiration+ideas

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Momma Said There'd be Glig Afternoons Like This

I was feeling like a bad mom; all we ever do for fun is watch Greys Anatomy or dress Lachlan up in Sunny's dresses:

 I looked up something to do with toddlers online. I'm that uncreative.

Maybe you've seen this idea on Pinterest. Maybe you also thought it looked easy and carefree and fancyfun. But dont be fooled. This foil-river is a trick. Its only going to make your 2p-5p seem to double in time. The opposite of what you're looking for..

Here the Gligs are seemingly having a fabulous time. I even dug a hole at the bottom of our river, a quaint pond, to catch all our boats that I thought should flow down there. Then we could fish. This is what I get for planning... I could've stopped the photos here, just said it was amazing and that we accomplished another successful Pinterest idea.

But its so much funnier to document that then this happened, Lachlan Earthquake 4.0

So the river was saved, by me, the Mayor. I dammed it up and shortened it it record time to save the people.  From tantrums.

Sunny & I took the time to cut my new carton of eggs and make small sailboats with them, something I read that sails the best. Here Lachlan is chewing on a sail. And now my eggs are laying all over the counter without a home. For nothing. ps. nothing "sailed best" on this crappy river.

Here's a dogs eye view. Vegemites', in fact. If she hadnt constantly jumped on our river, chewed holes in it, and other general mayhem, I might've given this project 3 stars out of 10. But she did all those things. So I give this project a 2.

After that shot I'd had enough. I didnt roll up the river for another day, as the other blogger did. I balled it up and and threw it straight into the garbage bin outside and was sad that I'd wasted so much tin foil. Then the best part of the entire tin-foil river-with a useless-lake-at-the-bottom project was when Lachlan fell into the hole:

He had mud and bits of grass in places that hadnt seen that much mess in a long time since yesterday.

Sunny tried to help him out, but he hated it. In the end I had to put him in the bathtub. While I blogged. About why he was in the bathtub. Which is right now. At least he had on cool new boardies, thanks to Jenny Lee  :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hope You're Ready for this Party

Here is our newest member of our family, the puppy formerly known as Vegemite. A cool name for an Aussie dog, yet my 3 year old just couldnt quite remember which toast spread our dog was called. So she's always called her Jam.

Welcome to The Glig Life, Jammy Jam.