Thursday, July 25, 2013

After my "ending Thursday" post, which was referring to the sun going down versus the end of my life, I will keep this post more upbeat.

I made some drawstring bags last night when the kids finally went to bed. The first one was ok for a gift to my kid, not to be seen by anyone else familiar with sewing (the middle one). The blue bag had only 1 step screwed up but otherwise is show-off-able. The 3rd one I made, on the left, is brilliant and perfect and I'm gifting it away. These took 20 minutes each to make. Maybe less by the 3rd one. I kinda like using up my useless scraps for these!

Instructions here

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Living The Dream

This is the face of a mom after a SHORT days' work. The day isnt even over yet! Hours to go!
Bank problems, kids medical problem with questionable insurance problems, 2 years of hard work towards a licensing goal problem, money problems unrelated to bank problems, childcare problems.... All from one day. Today, Thursday July 18th. I wish you would end, Thursday.

Lets face it- the only good thing I squeezed from today is this beer in front of me. Its my husbands and the only selection in the fridge. Its looking better and better as each moment goes by... Did I mention the kids are napping? I didnt want this entire post to be complaining.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sebastian Bootcamp

Sunny and I rocked it at our first bootcamp today. The weather was actually amazing, since these clouds made it breezy and a record breaking temp in the 70s. Thats cold for a Florida summer night!

We ran, we stretch, did planks, did crab walks, bear crawls... All good. The boys sat nearby and were semi- blobs.

We came home and I whipped up garlic naan bread on our griddle with cucumber salad, roasted red peppers, feta, kalamata olives and a new ingredient for our greek nights, wickles PEPPERS. Like pickles, only better.

We'd never seen the kids shove so much food in their mouths. First dinner they've actually eaten in 2 weeks Jason said... We've had "new rules" regarding food in this house. They sit at the pantry doors and whine all day. Now its 3 meals a day with 1 snack in between, thats it. A big change from before. And after not hardly feeding them since we were out on the river.... they were hungry for a change.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The Gligs are eating healthy! We are doing weird things like drinking coffee without creamer, eating apples for dessert, and having only meat/veg for our meals. Oh, and no alcohol. Cray-zay! Dont let me fool you- We are not struggling. We feel great, and its not hard. For me its probably b/c I weighed about the same weight as when I was pregnant with Lachlan, whaaaaaat! That was sucky to type out. I was miserable a week ago eating junk, and now I feel good eating healthy and exercising. No pity parties for us.

Actually, I dont know what Jason's eating when he's at work. I usually send him with food, but sometimes I dont. That may transfer to a McDonalds meal or a Panera salad. Who knows. And he may be substituting Coca Cola for beer. But whatev.

Its a mixture of Paleo and Adkins- Pakins- we dont have any sugar or grains or bread or pasta, but we do have carbs, in the form of fruits. Basically its 80% better than how we were eating. Ok, 90%... And I made up Pakins. Dont google it.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

We tried tent camping over the weekend. Never once has this family slept in a tent together. But we sleep pretty well at home, bedtime routine is tight. And the kids like to get dirty so camping seems like the right entertainment.
I actually wanted to go so I could cook over a fire and read books (my books) in the woods with only woods-y noises in the background. That actually happened. I mean, kids were also whining in the background, but I've learned to ignore it.

I only took one picture of the mini-Gligs. Once the kids weren't impressed with pine cones any longer, I drug the plastic toys from the car. They were quietly playing together when I had the idea to take one photo. I just couldn't be bothered the rest of the weekend with a camera[phone]. It has become my attachment, my reason for standing on the side and observing. I still like to observe, but instead of getting the angle and lighting right, I just observed and tried to store the memories in my mind.

There is also a picture of my husband having the time of his life:

Disney's Ft Wilderness- I am still dreaming about it and how their rates drop on Aug 4th... LOVED it.

Whirlwind Weekend

Was it a vacation? Or just a dream of craziness.... 4 toddlers ages three and under, no dads, two moms.

I took the little Gliggies to Jupiter for the weekend to stay with Jenalee. Our husbands were on separate boy-trips involving beer and camaraderie and I think there was some golfing and fishing in there somewhere. We were sister-wiving it, because whats better than one mom parenting these screamers than two moms dividing and conquering? That's right: three wives. So Tara was there Friday witnessing the madness, Hollis Saturday-Sunday, and Jenny Saturday afternoon.
Here is the Fun Mom bringing in goodies
We insisted to the non-moms [yet] that this chaos wasn't born overnight, it took years for the kids to trap us in this never ending scenario. It was fruitless- I don't think our friends will ever have kids now that they saw what they saw this past weekend.

My kids were thrilled to have new toys. Lachlan was thrilled to have someone smaller than him that would take all the elders aggression for a change (sorry Coop). There was swimming, shopping, Playmobil land, playgrounds, naps, snacks snacks snacks... And then more swimming. So much swimming in fact that Sunny had no choice but to learn to do it on her own or risk possible unsupervised sinking.

I didn't have a moment to think about how long Jason would be gone. I took a detour when I left Jupiter and ended up in Okeechobee :)  I spent the afternoon on my parents deck with my brothers and their families, something they do ALL THE TIME it seems but I live too far away to participate in these impromptu parties. We were in fact celebrating my sister in law Amanda's 31st  birthday. Sunny decorated her cake.

I took the kids home around their bedtime, hoping for some peace on the drive home. Lachlan DID scream for too long of a period of time, and the reason it bothered me is because he was upset about leaving his Papa... Ugh, it was just heartbreaking. I calmed him with stories of being reunited with his daddy soon. I woke them up at home for baths since they were covered in sand, bug spray, and sunscreen, and they were PISSED! Cried the entire bathtime. I didn't let that deter me, their father would've caved, but I kept at it until every inch of them was scrubbed and every hair silky. Jammies and bedtime went off without a hitch and I didn't hear a peep until 730a. I should wear them out more often.

Before I realized it, I was back home in Sebastian living the good life: sewing, studying, cleaning. It begins again. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013



Sunny says, "Lachlan, you're a genius!"
He does something neat, Sunny says, "You really impressed me Lachlan!"

They have been playing well together. And teaming up at bedtime for a revolt against the king and queen Glig which involves lots of door opening, staying up for an extra hour messing around, and needing the bedtime tuck-in routine at least 7 times. Each night before I go to bed I have to push their bedroom door open just enough to squeeze in- they have a slumber party on the other side and the door hardly opens. They are both on top of their comforters sleeping together amongst their blankies and Lambies and pillows.So cute and so annoying. But what am I to do besides toss them both into bed....

Lachlan is attempting to says words finally.
Sunny is a gymnast. She is being recruited up to Advanced Gymnastics for her age group after only 6 months or so.


I had finals all week and the my first clinical semester is OVER. I am surprised I got high grades at all since quiet study time is hard to come around in this noisy house that's full of clean laundry and dirty dishes. And also dirty laundry and clean dishes...

One of my finals was pass/fail, in the lab. We had to do a series of practical nursing scenarios, I wont bore you with the details. I didnt do well. I passed, but only to meet some quota or something. I dont think they wanted me to have to do it again. The instructor was ALL OVER ME on each step. In the end, I had to print my name and sign it. She said I print my name wrong. I write my name wrong. I cant even write my own name. Isnt it up to me how I write it? Perhaps I should go back to kindergarten.... 

I had a clinical evaluation right before my 2nd exam. I was told many things, a few haunting ones being I am "passive aggressive", "you have a chip on your shoulder", and "you need to follow the rules and like it".
Now, I dont know the full extent of what some of those terms even imply, but it didnt feel good. Keep inside a box and like it? Stop beating to my own drum (she did say this)? These sounded like direct attacks on my personality and sorry lady, but I refuse. I will get through school, I will do as they ask (I have been! I promise!) but dont think you're suppressing me! Anyways... I lashed out with a few of my own,

"Is this a psych consult?"
"Dont worry, it will never leave here," I replied pointing to my head when the professor said she would not write the comments into my permenent record.
"I do not think I am smarter than everyone else!"
"I respect the process. I respect the school," uh really, I had to say this?

"I am aloud to be bored," I replied. This was the biggest issue. Once she smashed my terrible personality to bits she went on to spin the negative traits into something positive. (By the way, everyone else's evals' were uneventful and cheery). My whole life people have thought I can be unapproachable, stuck up, or other unfriendly things, but thats not the case. Just because I'm not fake and bubbly when it seems appropriate doesn't mean much. My prof took the liberty to interpret my boredness as lack of caring and better than everyone else.

My mom says these things are exactly how I am like my dad.

So... The Professor said she was 'forbidding' me to come to the same hospital again this next semester. It was too slow. My 'talents' would be better off at Holmes', a hospital that is fast paced and more challenging. Even though my psych consult seemed demeaning, I respect my professor and have full intentions of going to Holmes' now. Apparently it'll be worth the longer drive.


Jason calls and says this to me, "I got fired today. And also hired." This was also moments before my last final exam. I couldnt catch a break this week. Back to Jase:

Basically, I dont know how much of the situation I am aloud to announce to the internet. So I wont. But things are happening and we are excited. Nervous about change when there's a mortgage to pay and I'm in the middle of school, kind-of not wanting stress about how I'm not generating a huge income, but generally excited about whats next. We'll see.


We are:

 I am ETSYing more at this point in the year than I was last year at this time. My mom is my partner; she is sewing like crazy------>

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Turning 30 Will Not Only Turn You Older It Will Also Turn You Into A Hippie

I am feeling like a real hippie today. Maybe this is what turning 30 has done to me? One day in and I am a hippie.

I am sick. Yes, on my 30th birthday I was sick and I'm worse today. Thankfully I wasnt sick over the weekend for my party, so I'm not overly upset. When I have a weekend like I did 4 days ago I tend to get sick. I lower my defenses for fun, no sleep, alcohol, and crawfish and this is what happens.

Normal medicine is helping me through my pain, my symptoms. Advil Cold & Sinus and nose spray. But what is curing my cold? What is killing the virus? Well, nothing. Working on that...

My normal ways to get over a cold quicker are still in place- Juice Plus pills as soon as I feel a cold coming, and juicing at home, specifically green juice. I have green juice every day, but over the weekend I was in Okeechobee so I had none. Boo. Zinc lozenges havent really affected me, I've tried them in the past and cant say I've noticed a difference (Cold-eeez is the brand name? There are others) I try to prevent sickness, thats why I drink green juice- has tons of Vitamin C and D.

This morning I am at my worst. I am pausing every few words to blow my nose, sneeze.... ugh..... My face and nose and eyes are so dry and painful from using tissues for days. These are my problems. My friend Sara is sick too and we are texting weird remedies we have read about. Here are a few things I've learned from my friends, parents, health care workers sisters, etc  ;)

Onions- sliced up a huge one and its on my counter in the kitchen. I'm assuming it is smelling up the entire house, but since only the toddlers are home, I have no idea how bad it is. I am closing my eyes and hovering inches from these beasts, inhaling breaths into the deepest darkest sickest inch of my lungs then slowly breathing out. You know how they make yours eyes run with tears? This is what its doing to my sinuses. Good visual? I plan to put slices in my socks to sleep tonight as well. I know, I am being crazy. Maybe I am delirious as well, but when you are SICK and expected to take care of yourself and two other humans (lets face it, 3 humans, must include my husband too) you do anything and everything thats ever worked for even one other person in the world. Maybe it will work for you too.

Coconut oil- I am rubbing it all over my face. My eyes, nose, mouth. The kleenex tissues are soaking up all moisture from my skin. Tissues are on my face 23 hours a day. I dont know what else to do. The oil feels nice, seems to be helping. I also had a tip to use fresh aloe cut from my plant for my eyelids.... Havent had the energy to go out gardening. I could have Jase do it when he gets home.

Cinnamon and honey- drinking that mixed with tea now. Just finished it in fact. It was tasty. I concentrated all 3 of those ingredients so I didnt have to drink much. I don't particularly like hot tea, but it was fine. 

I also cooked homemade soup. I had leftover carrots, corn, and onions from the crawfish boil over the weekend. I had good intentions of juicing celery and other fresh juice for the broth, yet I have none of those ingredients. So MSG bouillon was all I had. All that plus pasta made for a bitchin' soup-- it tasted Cajun from the crawfish! Wow, talk about yummy. Even the kids scarfed it, and it was spicy!

I wish I had someone to cook the soup for me, rub the oil on my face, and place onion slices in my socks. mmmmmmm that would be nice. This blogging is the only thing I will do today, besides drink more tea, blow my nose, and feed the kids cookies. Send me your remedies. I am dying.