Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August Happenings

Siesta Key for my bachelorette party weekend! We began Friday night with these girls:
(plus Sara who must've showed up about 5min after this was taken)

Followed by the rest on Saturday here:

Alex designed these shirts just for the occasion, cleverly titled
"Abby's Fiesta in Siesta 2010" inside an engagement ring. Here I am talking to my 'fiance' during the photo:

I had a very entertaining weekend. Thank you Amanda, Sara, Jenny, Whitney, Jenalee, Hollis, Vanessa, Brandie, Nicole, Alex, & Katrina for showing me it can be fun even though I was sober. What Jason & Sunny were up to while I was celebrating my bachelorette-ness These 2 rascals had a daddy/daughter weekend that began with swimming at our neighborhood sports complex. It was his first time there which is why I'm not surprised five 5-year olds followed Sunny the entire time, irritating Jason. They wanted to touch her and pick her up, both options were denied. They chose instead to follow her close behind, shouting lines like "She's a model!" "She's a rockstar!" "Look at everyone following her, she's a Supa-star!" This makes me laugh. Wish I'd been there for Sunny's entourage moment. And if I didnt get enough attention that weekend, the following one was my bridal shower hosted by Katrina, Hollis, and Alex at my parents house. I left Sunny & Jason, again!, for a Saturday of girl time, food, and gifts! We played another questionaire game (we did one in Siesta) where I had to guess the answer that Jason gave... Like if I were an animal, what kind of animal did he think I'd be? (Koala) And I think I was a mango later on as well.... Thanks girls! Again!

I'm on my 3rd week with a new job. My title is awesome: Assistant Everything to my boss Lynda. I am also her Office Manager at her tutoring center called Make Your Mark In Life and Wellness Cooridinator for a product called JuicePlus. She is very passionate about it so here I am attending nationwide conference calls and future conferences overnight (specifially, in Orlando for 3-4 days in October) for JuicePlus. Its not a full time job but any time I had leftover from the House, the Husband, and the Kid is now dedicated to work. Its kind of a nice feeling. A stressful feeling, but fullfilling.

With my tiny extra income we get to upgrade our "lives" in the form of finally going from Kinda-Organic to Medium Organic (which now includes meat- the newest addition plus the others like milk and eggs) and we also got a Solar Power system installed this week. The SUN will regulate our AirCon and power our water heater. So sorry, FPL: you can take %25 of what we used to pay you and be happy with it. Other Green stuff- my new pots and pans I'm buying with a few giftcards I got from generous friends and family at the bridal shower. This cookware set is ceramic, but nonstick, and they are not coated with Tephlon- something I know contains a chemical that, of course, causes cancer....Google it. Better to be safe than sorry and I'm happy to add another Green-Thing to the Glig household...

I am relieved to say that we dont have a thing going on for almost 2 weeks. Stay at home, clean the house, organize the garage, mow the lawn, weed the garden, raise a 1 year old.... yah, we've got nothing going on...

(((22 days until my wedding!)))

Monday, August 2, 2010

I can ride my bike with no handlebars

I do American Sign Lanuage with Sunny for my me and Jase's own sanity. I explain it like this: she screams (and grunts and points erradically) for something 10 times in an hour, but since learning the sign for things she wants (drink, more, food, etc) she only screams 4 times an hour... It breaks down the communication barrier between us that used to be very apparent (or frustrating). Here's a video from a few weeks ago I put on Facedbook, hope everyone can see it: Sunny and I have a new ride. She waves at everyone as we cruise on by. Her newest Sign is "dog", which she immediately signs when we get on our bike, as we usually see dogs on our ride. This week Jason's been biking with her as I jog beside them. No matter how bad my day's been, and lately they've been trying, after running and shaving my legs, the day is lookin' up. The simple things...

Jason and I went to Sara and Boyd's wedding on Friday in Bradenton Beach. We took moms' 350Z, put the top down once we hit the west coast, and cruised on to our beach bungalow for two. I discovered Jason's never been in a convertible before. Score! Something I've 'beat' him to in the Check-off List of Life (he has one, and its got major check-offs!). Did you catch the "two" part, not 'three'? Did you know a 350Z only has "two" seats... YES, we left Sunny! Anything exciting happen? In the words of Juno, "I'm already pregnant, so what other kind of shenanigans could I get into?"

Nothing is better than a wedding: you dress up, look' hot on the dance floor as you try not to spill your drink too much and pick up single dudes. Well, I guess that's what I used to do. This time I sat at the Loser table sipping ice water. Wondering if I'll fit into my wedding dress. BUT, a guy did hit on me. Eyed me from across the room. Walked up to me in front of my husband and said "I just wanted to say hi!" I've had racier comments, better pick up lines; I had to hand it to this guy though, considering he was four years old. Our conversation didnt exscalate into much from there. So you're supposed to eat lots of veggies when you're knocked up... I was running today (that makes up for the lack of veggies- so I've thrown that fact into this blog 2x now) and thought about the junk I ate today. And I didnt have one vegetable. Oh wait, I had a bagel with cream cheese & chives. They're green. Better luck tomorrow. Countdown to me and Jason's wedding: 37 days (yikes!) I'm having a wedding when I'm already married, with a one year old child preceding me down the aisle, and I'm pregnant. If this wedding werent in Hawaii it would be the trashyiest. I'M JUST SAYING. And my non-bachelorette Bachelorette weekend is this Friday in Siesta Key. I wont be able to drink, stay out late, get TOO much sun, or eat lots of junk. Ok, so I'm lying, I will still do a few of these things. But I'm sorry in advanced (I didnt used to be so LAME, I promise... You remember, right???) to you single girls that currently lack a husband and/or kids and you arent pregnant--- have fun this weekend, for me, and one day you'll be there.... Sooner than you probably think if life mimics life... Check out our wedding website here: http://www.theknot.com/ourwedding/AbbyCook&JasonGligorov

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Turtles Bunnies and Gligorovs

Nancy, my mom, and I made yummy yummy yummy jalapenos the other week after I found a recipe for one of our favorite pita-chip toppers. We tested them out today with hummus and pitas- extra hot and delish. Sweet. Just pretty much my fav right now.

A peaceful summer stroll across the street.

Daddy shows Sunny a gopher turtle who invaded our veggie garden and had to be rescued- turtles and bunnies are taking over Sebastian*

"There's the turtle"
We have a friend named Beau who turned -1- on Saturday
and we celebrated it on Sunday.
We partied like it was two thousand and nine.
She's practicing her hula skills for Hawaii.
The Gligs went with my parents to Amelia Island the last few days in July.
It was 102 degrees and my tan is looking good. Me 'n Jase Ferdandina Beach July 29 2010

Check it out, I'm wearing http://www.sanuk.com/flash/Tube/TUBE_FLOPS.swf (who gave them to me to put on my blog... just kidding, this isnt that kind of blog. Yet.) I really am wearing them though! Love love love

Sunny cleared the kiddie pool when she splashed
in with these sunglasses.
A 3 year old screamed "I'm scared of her!"
about 10 times before we left, unimpressed.
To keep up with the times, I am announcing Sunny's new brother or sister in my blog. After Jenalee made me pee on this stick with her on the phone, this plus sign popped up. She said it was from all the praying she'd been doing. Jason and I were excited, shocked, and it hasnt really sunk in, not even when I post this a week later! I am only 6 weeks pregnant, so keep our little family in your thoughts.
I just couldnt wait to share the news ;)

[[[ I know, you're thinking "Bachelorette Party in August" and "Wedding in September" but sometimes life doesnt always go according to your big plans...Especially me and Jason's Life ]]]
"Count me in on the party, out on the alcohol!"

*Turtle, bunnies, & Gligorovs are taking over Sebastian.