Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back from the Near Dead

During the last 8 days I managed to bang out a few updates on FB about my current sickly status. Only today, day 8, no exaggerating, have I begun the day with a sense of hope instead of hopelessness.

Being pregnant is hard on your body. Being pregnant and chasing a 1 year old is even harder. Being pregnant, nursing a sick 1 year old for a few sleepless nights/days, then instantly catching the sickness yourself for EIGHT DAYS is the worst. Jason said I was pretty funny during that time. And to quote Bee Movie, "if I didnt laugh, I'd cry"...

My phone conversations with Jenalee usually started with "I dont know why we're still talking about this"-- it was just rediculous how many phone calls began with how sick I still was. Longest and worst cold EVER. That turned into a sinus infection, in case anyone needed the details. I am on the mend, antibiotics are doing their job so now I can finally do mine.

A very quick thanks to my husby for vacuuming around me while I was splayed across the recliner, with Sunnylee hot on his heels for attention. And for coming home early from work most of those days & moving his schedule around when I was at my worst. Very thankful  :)

The new baby--- I am 32 weeks along, 8 months officially. We are all guessing that this time around it is a boy, what with all the movement thats been going on in there and my recent sickliness- I blame the baby. Just today I began going through Sunny's old things to locate everything newborn. I have 2 stacks of newborn girl clothes ready to go, and another stack of neutral newborn clothes in case we have a little boy. I found lots of baby teethers and rattles that I cleaned and I have a pile of linens to be washed no matter what the baby is. Its getting exciting; I told Jason that on March 1 we'll officially "get ready for baby"- get things down from the attic, set up the carseat, etc. But I couldnt help pulling out the tiny clothes today with Sunnylee....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally a Use for This Pot

I've received a pot, accompanied with a matching lid & a metal holder/handles thingy, for our wedding. It sits under our kitchen table on a little shelf made just for it (not likely as we got the table first). It is a gold/brown color thats hard to describe, doesnt match a thing, and I'm not sure it was made in this century. It never had a job, anything to do, or any real use to me. Until now.

Jason entertained a couple of our neighbors tonight who enjoyed beers out on the finished deck (photos of the deck to follow soon). Beers turned into an offer to stay for dinner since I'd made a tortilla soup that was ready, & as soups go, overfilling the pot (no, this is not where The Pot got its use, its a different pot).

As we ate, our neighbor, The Hawaiian as we call him, told a story about how his brother was in a co-op with his neighbors. They had a pot, it was large and never previously used, made of clay or was pottery-ish, I dont know. They came up with this idea between a few families that whoever had The Pot in their possession was in charge of making a meal large enough for their family and for another, that filled The Pot. They'd then let the family know ahead of time they were making a meal and then drop off The Pot full of whatever and be on their way. One family didnt have to cook that day. The Hawaiian said it wasnt ever planned too much, not every Saturday or anything, not even a weekly event. Just a random night. The family that dropped it off didnt stay and eat, it wasnt like that (and this is why Jason isnt sold on the idea! He thought it was a social thing, apparently the only reason for him to do anything).

So, what makes me jump so fast at dinner tonight to The Pot that I have, The Pot that I want to immediately begin passing back and forth with the Hawaiian family, is that the Hawaiian is a chef in the number three country club in the nation, in Vero Beach. A club so exclusive I doubt his own mother could eat there. Of course I want to eat something he makes in this pot! I own the pot, its in my house, so Jason & I are the first to try it out.

Ps. It is intimidating feeding The Hawaiian. When I asked him what his plans were for dinner, trying to upload some of my soup onto him since I'm not a fan of leftovers or wastage (& I'm nice, he looked hungry, and I wanted company for me and Jase for dinner), I know full well that he's had a better meal, that my foodnetwork.com recipe of Santa Fe Tortilla soup is somehow not up to his standards and missing something key, and that he could make it better. But I still have fed him on more than one occasion and he is always grateful and praises whatever it is. Even offers me nice tips that are helpful and not condescending in the least bit. He doesnt have a Gordon Ramsey bone in his body.

Pps. Some of you may know have put this together that this Hawaiian is the same guy who drops off the delicious bread in our mailbox on a weekly basis. We informed him tonight, after receiving at least 8 loaves of bread last fall/this winter, that when we get his bread, we dont cook for days. Its toast in the morning, bread and cheese for lunch, and brushcetta for dinners. I specifically go out the next morning and buy the best mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil and eat bruschetta like a crazy craving pregnant lady... I predict a loaf this very week. 


I was doing some math and thought... if Jason only works about 6 hours in a reg workday, and Sunny keeps up these 3 hour naps she's taking, and Jason comes home and has daddy time with his daughter for another 3 hours.... it adds up to a nice little number that I'm smiling about.

Keep it up Sunnylee.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Two things that these 2 women did today that make me mad (now that I'm a mom):

-hoisting around a 40lb nine month old in Target who is chopping down Cheetos. If you didnt know, 9mo olds should weigh less than half that and Cheetos are the devil. Not good for adults, def not made for babies (clearly).

-a middle aged (and I'm assuming single and jobless by appearance and time of day) lady thinking that our nice playground across the street with children's slides and swings in it is an appropriate place for taking her dogS off-leash to... ya know, do their business. This is where babies learning to walk, put leaves in their mouths, and roll around in the grass. It is not a dog park.

You both disgust me.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


can't I meet cool moms & dads at the park like I did today, all the time? This little family of 6 was from Sweden on holiday and leaving Sunday. Boo. 

They had 1 1/2 year old twin girls as well. Perfect family to chat with and play with. So frustrating that all I meet are... not. I've had so many first dates with moms who had potential, until we met and the kids are wearing _______, eating ________, and throwing tantrums so awful I shield Sunny's eyes (she's a self-taught tantrum thrower as it is, she doesnt need inspiration).

Jason & I went to the river this afternoon for a walk along the water with Sunnylee in her stroller. It was exactly what I needed after a morning of scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees, making laundry soap, sewing, learning another language... and other housewifey things. We entertained ourselves without food and/or drinks! Amazing! Then we met the Swedish family at the park after our walk and passed the afternoon away exactly how I wish most afternoons would unfold. I didnt even dread the return to the homestead since the only thing waiting for me there was turning the oven to 375* and throwing in a Sam's pizza. Yum. If only I'd had my credit card on me for the driveby RedBox so I couldve rented Twilight... hmm. Thinking of sending Jase there after pizza. Or now.

I've realized I've been slacking with photos and videos. Its a new year, I'm ready now. Not actually right now, since I dont have a picture of our glorious afternoon, but I'll be ready in the morning. I'll go charge my cameras and upload pics. I bet I even have xmas pictures somewhere....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year morning

Planted pansies in my hanging pots sitting on our new deck, in the sunshine.
Long shower.
Blew hair dry.
Put on makeup.
Commenced to eat my moms homemade cornbread and black eyed peas.

Feeling normal now.

I plan on feeding Sunnylee the very same meal when she wakes, followed by an afternoon spent at our tiki bar on the water we like to frequent. I am looking forward to a real Corona with 2 limes. Today. & then sushi tonight in Vero. All things that make me happy on the first day of 2011.