Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weeks 17 and 18

Week 17 passed with a blur. Jason had 'work stuff' over in Tampa for 3 days/3 nights (a training program to become certified to install draft beer lines). He was gone all day while Sunny and I shopped and swam in the hotel pool. He loved it, was a team leader, and was very involved in this hands-on opportunity. Here's Sunny dreaming of a better life outside of the hotel hallways:

When we drove back to the East Coast we went straight to the Sprint store to pick up my new Evo 4g phone (plus a new thing for Jase, although not as fancy as mine; he admits he isnt interested in learning the technology, plus he'd break this). Ive been checking the weather on it ever since.
This week we were building up to Halloween weekend. I 'love' this weekend because I just want it to arrive then PASS so we can get to the good stuff, like fall and the Christmas holidays. I am tired of shielding Sunny's eyes from the skeleton creeping out of a neighbors' lawn and dead screaming banchies in Walmart/ the library..... What's so cool about the dead scary stuff? Gross. Halloween I could forget, its autumn and cooler weather and pumpkins that I love. We didnt even carve our pumpkin this year; he is too nice to carve! I've saved him for the front porch for the rest of the fall season where he will sit gratefully (he is pictured below with the kiddies).

We will Trick or Treat this evening, though. I mean, I do want to eat chocolate and I've got the perfect little chicken who can get this for me:

*Update: Trick or Treating was a hit. Jason and I agreed it was the most fun we've ever had on Halloween. There's just something about seeing your kid eat the paper off a lollipop for the first time, find a stick from the end of that lollipop in her mouth after 10 minutes and wonder how she didnt choke?, and figure out that running to the front door with her pumpkin-bucket dragging behind her will reward her with more goodies.... it was priceless.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Cant Breath Week

I am now posting weekly blogs that coincide with how far along I am in the pregnancy of Glig #2. We are in Week 16 and I cant breath; I am so stuffy now that we bought stock in nose spray. Allergies are at their worst. Yuck yuck yuck.
Sunny got new shorts. She is now reminiscent of a 1980s basketball player.
These were $1 at Walmart. Worth the buck.

Since I only spent a buck on the shorts I bought her this 4wheeler, too. Not $1. But worth it as well- she needed something to play with outside besides the always-entertaining game of Eating Dirt. She goes mind-blowing speeds of up to 2 mph down the driveway, offroad (off the driveway) where the 4wheeler pretty much shuts down, and then back up the driveway. I didnt know they made these for 1 year olds- its makes the whole toddler-thing (throwing tantrums, tossing food off her plate, spitting out her milk) that much more fun!
We had a huge weekend. A weekend where you need a weekend to recuperate. Friday we went to the Melbourne State Fair (we live about 30minutes from Melbourne, FL). A good friend of Jasons' owns the fair and let us in for free, ride anything for free, and play whatever games we wanted as well! I took Sunny on a few rides that she loved; seeing your child having fun is priceless. Sunny played with other kids we knew there, chasing after the older ones as fast as her little legs would run.

This is our 2nd year attending the German Club of the Palm Beaches' Oktoberfest- Jason reckons it is authentic, as authentic as it can be when compared to the Oktoberfests he's attended in Munich (every year for 8 years!). I recall last year being more fun, but then again I wasnt pregnant last year.... :(
We had lederhosen for Jase and Sunny which was extremely fun, everyone loved it. The band took Sunny onstage and sang with her for a bit. She is interested in everyone and everything, especially the people who have food and offer it to her.
Afterwards we visited Elliott and his girlfriend Sophie at her place. Sunny loved playing with the big-girl toys (Sophie's has a little girl) and was obsessed with this fish tank and every fish in it. (She is wearing her towel after having a quick swim on the roof in a heated pool)

So, thats Week 16 in the Life of the Gligs. Its been hectic and it'll continue to be hectic! We are soooooo looking forward to the holidays, loving the nice cool weather (our a/c is off, windows are open!), and.... that's it! Ciao!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life's Only Surprise

I love hearing this from people- about me being pregnant and finding out the gender of my unborn child- "...when will you find out?" cuz I love to reply with this, "When it comes out." It usually throws them all for a loop, whether they like that we're waiting to find out or they dont think its something they would do themselves. I read this today and was like, "Yeh, these are the reasons why we're not finding out!" with the second reason, by far, the best (from experience!) Benefits of waiting: • You, your partner, and your family will have a delightful surprise on the day you give birth. • Your desire to know whether your baby is a boy or a girl will motivate you during the toughest parts of labor. • You'll be following in the tradition of your parents, your parents' parents, and so on. • There will be no mistakes — what you see is what you get! Someone put it this way: "finding out the baby's gender before the birth is like opening your Christmas presents before Christmas!" And it all makes sense to me now. A lot of people I know would gladly open their presents before Christmas and actually, some of them do! And they also give me my presents early and make me open them as well! You know who you are....