Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This one time, when I went abseiling

Did I ever tell you about the scariest 6 hours of my life? Scarier than getting married, scarier than signing my 30 year mortgage, scarier than having children....

It was in January. Of this year. I accidentally went abseiling in Tasmania. It was supposed to be a canyoning trip, which by definition is jumping off rocks and whatnot. But that canyon was flooded from the recent rain so instead our guide took us down a different canyon, one that required 9 abseils and maybe 2 little rock jumps.

I was the first in the group to BACK OVER THE EDGE of a cliff (something that in everyway goes against nature, against what your body thinks is right) and right off the lip of the cliff-face, my back parallel with the rock bottom 60 yards below. I had a nice thin rope attached to me that the guide above held, and another that I was in control of to determine the rate in which I descended (I dont know who thought that was a good idea).

Its hard to describe the erratic way my heart raced and pounded and the adrenaline that coursed through my body screaming FLIGHT and not in any way fight. My muscles shook and my fear was heightened to an amount infinite to what I thought was fear in the past. I thought I'd die. It was so terrifying I didnt even mind my unflattering wetsuit. Fashion just took a backseat for 6 hours. I may be smiling in these pictures, but it was only because I wanted the last photo ever taken of me to look nice in my obit.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Steam Train Ride

I decided the kids were in need of a steam engine train ride. We meandered through central Florida until we came to a town called Tavares on the river. Every single thing in this town seemed to be located right on one strip on the water: the bars and restaurants, the train station, a splashpad, a massive playground. The kids played until the train arrived, we took a leisurely ride out of town a few miles that left a lot to be desired (very cool train, 30min route was not special. Perhaps the longer rides to other towns are better), and then walked along the water.

This is where I like her.

Waiting for this train.

Lachlan's 3rd Birthday Festival

He takes his balloons to school, along with his blankie (as always)

I take the little toddler to see the firehouse for the first time

He's still talking about this!
 Get ready for weeks of Lachlan's 3rd birthday. It just went on forever in true Cook style. He had to have one at school before spring break kicked in, then the weekend before his bday was an adventure, then his birthday, then his birthday party was a week later! He just thought he got toys every day in March.

My clinicals for school got canceled this week, so lucky us I had lots of free time to take the kids a few places. We first went to Lion Country Safari and camped with my friend Jenalee & her family at the KOA. My kids love to eat and play outside so it was a blast. It was my first time to LCS actually...! I will be back, its was very cool.

Eating, eating, always eating

eating WHILE playing

nothing but trouble... cruising through the park looking at the animals

Perhaps not flattering.... but they'd rather sit here then go to the splashpad.

they finally join the normal people having a good time. They dont allow much water to touch them still.

they thought they were playing with the boats haha

i dont have time to edit my finger out of this frame. we take this pontoon boat tour 2x. very good!

this is where the sharing takes place

the simple life

smores of course that night!

I'm realizing my pictures arent that flattering! Lachy's smores

St Augustine Birthday Weekend

The first weekend in March Jason and I celebrated my 31st birthday in St Augustine. We arrived ready for a BREAK from the real world and we got it! He booked the cutest B&B ever and an entertaining walking beer and wine and food tour of downtown. After eating, and drinking!, to our hearts content while listening to the most interesting local history and visiting unique undiscovered bars and restaurants, we went wandering downtown to the sounds of chill music spilling out onto the streets. Our first stop was at Sangria’s. Once we figured out how to get upstairs, we got really into the musician who sang Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” with another male customer who both had the highest pitched voices! So happy to have witnessed this! I found my GIRLS that night, first in the form of fun strangers; by the end of the night we were old friends  ;)   I’d love to come out to Deland very soon and support what they believe in ----> https://www.facebook.com/mestronglinda

I did not have enough time in this town and I will be back. Walking from the Inn, walking through downtown to all the bars and stores on small brick paved alleys = my kind of town. Pretty sure we ended the night in a tree house singing with the band eating nachos. 

Making memories in St Augustine. All in my head though, because I didnt bring my camera with me all night....

Speckled Perch Weekend

I’m the only Okeechobian who didn’t know what the Speckled Perch schedule was (March 8/9 weekend). I knew there was a rodeo, but I was shocked to be told about the downtown craft and food and parade that was happening basically the next day after I found out. Me and the kids met up with Jenny who had Island and Madi. It was controlled chaos. Just give them food and drinks and a boring political parade and they’re set for the morning. Beautiful day, most successful time downtown with these people. 

How cool is this barrel train? Very small town.

Disney Weekend

I worked 2 twelve hour shifts Thursday and Friday, a few weeks ago. When Jenny and I talked at 9p Friday night when I was just arriving home, I told her (as she was driving to Orlando at that moment) that I probably wouldn’t be able to go to Disney the following day. I was exhausted and wanted to do nothing for days. Instead, I woke up Saturday morning and did the opposite of nothing- I packed up those little Gliggies and went straight to Disney. Whitney, Madi, Jenny, and Island were there and we didn’t head back to the hotel until 10p that night. The following day we swam at a few different pools around the resort. There was a lazy river, slides, Jacuzzis… It was amazing and thoroughly tiring, and as my kids slept forever on the drive home, I was so happy I chose to go. We rocked Disney this year!