Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Funday

I woke up at 6:15a to a shrill alarm clock. Hello new phone that my bro Matt gave me. Comes with an annoying time to wake up. After that, I was thinking too much to drift back off. Coffee time.
The family slept in- we'd had a "late night" at meme's then we drove home. Kids were knackered.

Finally Lachlan woke up and him and I played in the living room. A giant spider sat on the ceiling high above us and I didnt freak out. Assumed he'd leave the same way he came in. He had 7 legs.

I watched GMA and played with my new phone. I "wiped" it clean of Matts info and I have no ones numbers..... A lightening fast spider scurried across the floor between Lachlan and myself. It was missing a leg. I couldnt believe after deciding this spiders fate, being nice and all, he decided to taunt me! I smashed him with a Fisher Price book.

Sunny and Jase made their appearance. Since she's been up she's worn 3 outfits, is wearing her 3rd pair of panties, and has had 2 baths.... Its still morning.

Its New Toy Day! The kids all got new toys. From the attic. I switched our box of toys out with all the little toys laying around and put all the big things in the attic. Other big things came out of the attic. Its like Christmas around here. New Toy Day should be every weekend- it gave me and Jase a chance to clean.

We had a fun Saturday at moms house celebrating my dad and Aunt Janet's 60th birthdays. Jason and I felt so sick all week that we werent going to chance having a hangover Sunday morning. We didnt drink and we drove home to our comfy beds. It was worth it! One more weekend day of 'relaxing' at home (really we are cleaning, rearranging furniture, hanging things on the walls, baby proofing more, cleaning the windows and sills and screens, etcetcetc) and we should be good to go come Monday.

Lachlan turned 6mo old over the weekend. We lowered his crib mattress to the bottom to celebrate. I dont remember Sunny's Lowering of the Crib to be such a pain in the ass. Took some time. He can sit up now from laying down and its only a matter of time before he leaned over the crib railing and spilled out onto the floor. I wasnt taking chances this time. I am ahead of you, boy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'd Like to take Some Sick Days Now Please

My job refuses to give me sick days off. "Job" being Lachlan and Sunny. I went to class Monday night, skipped Tuesday, skipped Wednesday (my first test was that night...), and I guess I have to go tonight. I have my first test in there too, but luckily the prof. drops one test at the end of the semester. I have to go to figure out how his tests are like. But I plan to completely bomb it. I cant study. I cant keep my eyes open, hot sick tears are streaming out of them.

Jason had a weird 3 day flu as well. This house is still a wreck- all we did was sit on the couches and watch our little rascals play on the floor. Never have we needed more help, but didnt want my parents to come over or they'd get sick, too. Its my dad and his twin sisters 60th birthday today- Aunt Janet just flew into town so they were too busy to get sick! We just dealt with it. Sickily. And moaning to each other, "Will we ever feel normal again?"

I begged to feel normal, even insisting if I felt just an hour of normal I'd do the dishes or cook dinner happily. I still am sick. And Jason's off to work with some drugs in his pocket, hoping nothing gets in his way of a huge day of work. I have a huge day too. Speaking of... I have to get these screamers dressed. Ugh.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hello Saturday!

Every blog I start to write updating you reader(s) on a Glig week, I think to start it "Its been a busy week!" Cliche and boring and unoriginal. But its the first think that comes to my mind. We are a busy family, finally!
We do things.

Sunny's 3rd week in school was a turning point. She was upset to leave Lachlan and me, but she took her tote over her shoulder, kissed and hugged us, then walked on her own through the door with the teacher. Usually the teacher carries her kicking and screaming. The teacher and I gave each other a silent smiley thumbs up and I left feeling weird. It was harder than leaving her the first day. She went willingly this time, not quite wanting to, but trusting me enough to do it anyways...

Lachlan made sure our morning was anything but boring; as soon as we started our 2minute drive to Sunny's school he $hit his pants. Fine, I've got a baby changing station in the back. In the parking lot of the school I began to change what I thought was a normal situation which quickly turned for the worse. All over me, his legs, his shirt, his pants, the car... get the point? We went into the school for a bath; he was only wearing a diaper. I didnt bring any clothes on this short trip. Everyone was staring at him: fat white 'naked' baby on my hip. Whatever, like they've never had a shitty baby...

Lachlan is on the move. He is never quite where I left him last (on the floor). He is loud. He plays with certain toys that he loves (Sunny's pots and pans). And if she takes anything from him he screams! He flaps his arms and yells until he gets it back. Sunny can make him laugh with funny faces and funny phrases he likes ("Ahhhh BUGGABOO!" is what had him in tears yesterday, tears of laughter!) He is only cranking when he is teething or when you put him down. He wants to be held! If I walk out of the room its an almost guarantee that he's silently crying, bottom lip out, face screwed up, then the wailing starts.  

Jason's home with the kids every evening while I go to school. Its 20 minutes away in Vero. Him and the kids swim on our deck, play at the park, and visit neighbors befre having dinner, bath, and bed. Most nights when I get home they are already in bed. Jason and I sometimes use this time to have dinner alone together and finally talk about our long day. Its been a long time since I ate dinner at 9p! One that Jason cook, as well  :)

Jase stayed home all day Friday with the kids while I went to get clinical hours at Dr Punger's office. I follow her around when she has mother/baby appointments and observe her until she asks for my 2 cents. I usually have at least 2 cents and I love it. I love that she asks and I love my sureness in my answers. Ultimate "job satisfaction".

Let the busy weekend continue, hello Saturday!

It's still an A, though

I got an A on my first quiz my first time "back in college"

& i found myself bitching to jason about the test i took next, the next night... I got a 90. It meant i got 5 wrong! i was pissed... he was like, "Its still an A though..."

the 2nd time around at college is different- I sit in the front row. I ask questions. I once asked a question that prompted a video-showing... I'm sure the class hates me.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chomping Necklace

Chomping necklace- a cute fabric necklace worn around the
mom's neck for her baby to chew on while he's being held.

My first day wearing this out, three older ladies surrounded me gushing over my handmade necklace. Then when they found out it was for Lachlan, they thought I was so creative and "on to something"... Lol. Obviously these necklaces are all over ETSY and I wanted to make one for my little Teether since it is so simple. I made it in less than an hour. Maybe a 1/2 hour. The final product is at the bottom of this post if you'd like to scroll to it first to get an idea of what I'm making.

Instead of using one fabric for both sides I used 2 coordinating fabrics. Cut each one 5in x90in (I changed this number from 54 inches to 90 after some reflection. I'd seen tutorials that said 54, but I didnt have 54 when I cut my fabrics, I had 45. So I sewed two 45's together and ended up with 90. Which I liked since there was a lot of length for error and creativity....)  4 inches will work as well, if you dont have 5- there was lots of wastage there.  

I used my serger for this since it makes perfect non-bunched up seams. Sew RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER around 3 sides, leaving one of the 2 small ends open, unsewn. I sew'd off (wtf) a good inch on the final long side. I think it was too wide for my beads. It needs just enough room for a bead to go into...
Read on before sewing so you know what I'm talking about....

Finishing my  3rd side- see how nice the serger cuts and sews at the same time?

Now turn your necklace inside out. It looks like a tube snake!

It's time for your wooden beads. I found these on ETSY. 10 is all you need.

The necklace starts with a knot. Tie one around 10 inches (I just guessed this... no need to get your panties in a wad over it, just tie a knot somewhere) from the end with the sewn seam (leaving the open end of the snake OPEN to throw your wooden beads in to). Then add a bead. Then tie a knot. Then add a bead.... etc

The necklace ends with another knot after the last bead it put in. I made sure when tying the knots that the fabric was snug around the bead. I didnt lave any space for the bead to move up and down the necklace...

Now here is where you can get creative. I did not. On ETSY the chomping necklaces have cute matching ribbon to tie around your neck. I didnt have the time or the care to make it that pretty. I already have this length of fabric at the end so I used that:

I cut my fabric down the middle with no rhyme or reason.

Then chopped off one of the sides close to the knot.

I call the tied part around my neck shabby chic. Simple- Lachlan doesnt seem to mind, either:

I have another 10 beads that are cuboidal. Haha, thats a word from my Anatomy & Physiology class. I dont know if I can refer to beads that way or if its just a cellular term. But I figured the edges on the cubes would be nice to chomp on. My next necklace will probably have a black theme...