Friday, March 9, 2012

Are You There Blog? Its me, Abby

Have I said this title in my blogs before? Maybe I just think it each time I blog after months of quiet but I nix it knowing its a lame title.

People keep telling me I'm so busy. I guess this is what busy looks like. My MIL came to town for the month of March and I've been on cloud 9 since. February and its disasterousness is already a distance memory. I was saying things about how we are at our max as far as cramming one more activity into our lives and I was overheard saying things like "I hear the fire department is taking kids, no questions asked"...

While I study and neglect my children they can often be found doing antics like this:

And when they do get my attention, I wonder if I'm doing them more harm than good (well we worry about Sunny, as you can tell Lachlan worries too):
Dont worry about the Gligs now. We were touch and go for a couple months there, but the family is at peace and Oma is taking care of us. I'm unsure if we'll ever eat again when she's gone or if the high chair will ever be clean.... She is so on top of her game.

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