Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Momma Said There'd be Glig Afternoons Like This

I was feeling like a bad mom; all we ever do for fun is watch Greys Anatomy or dress Lachlan up in Sunny's dresses:

 I looked up something to do with toddlers online. I'm that uncreative.

Maybe you've seen this idea on Pinterest. Maybe you also thought it looked easy and carefree and fancyfun. But dont be fooled. This foil-river is a trick. Its only going to make your 2p-5p seem to double in time. The opposite of what you're looking for..

Here the Gligs are seemingly having a fabulous time. I even dug a hole at the bottom of our river, a quaint pond, to catch all our boats that I thought should flow down there. Then we could fish. This is what I get for planning... I could've stopped the photos here, just said it was amazing and that we accomplished another successful Pinterest idea.

But its so much funnier to document that then this happened, Lachlan Earthquake 4.0

So the river was saved, by me, the Mayor. I dammed it up and shortened it it record time to save the people.  From tantrums.

Sunny & I took the time to cut my new carton of eggs and make small sailboats with them, something I read that sails the best. Here Lachlan is chewing on a sail. And now my eggs are laying all over the counter without a home. For nothing. ps. nothing "sailed best" on this crappy river.

Here's a dogs eye view. Vegemites', in fact. If she hadnt constantly jumped on our river, chewed holes in it, and other general mayhem, I might've given this project 3 stars out of 10. But she did all those things. So I give this project a 2.

After that shot I'd had enough. I didnt roll up the river for another day, as the other blogger did. I balled it up and and threw it straight into the garbage bin outside and was sad that I'd wasted so much tin foil. Then the best part of the entire tin-foil river-with a useless-lake-at-the-bottom project was when Lachlan fell into the hole:

He had mud and bits of grass in places that hadnt seen that much mess in a long time since yesterday.

Sunny tried to help him out, but he hated it. In the end I had to put him in the bathtub. While I blogged. About why he was in the bathtub. Which is right now. At least he had on cool new boardies, thanks to Jenny Lee  :)

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