Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Disney Weekend

I worked 2 twelve hour shifts Thursday and Friday, a few weeks ago. When Jenny and I talked at 9p Friday night when I was just arriving home, I told her (as she was driving to Orlando at that moment) that I probably wouldn’t be able to go to Disney the following day. I was exhausted and wanted to do nothing for days. Instead, I woke up Saturday morning and did the opposite of nothing- I packed up those little Gliggies and went straight to Disney. Whitney, Madi, Jenny, and Island were there and we didn’t head back to the hotel until 10p that night. The following day we swam at a few different pools around the resort. There was a lazy river, slides, Jacuzzis… It was amazing and thoroughly tiring, and as my kids slept forever on the drive home, I was so happy I chose to go. We rocked Disney this year!

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