Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Week in the Life of the Gligs

To kick off my newest time-consumer (this blog!), I am cramming 7 days of Glig down your throat, then I think I'll ease into a daily blogger. I will try to add another chore (this blog!) to my schedule, in between the laundry, dishes, husband, and kiddo (I am officially That Girl now). Here it is: (ps. I like parentheses) I asked myself why I dont bring my camera along to document everyday activities within this new little family of mine? Sure, we bring the pocket digital to the big stuff, the events, the holidays, etc. The DSLR hardly leaves my home. I leave all cameras behind since I feel like its "work" (cuz I do SOOOoooo much photog work....) and another reason: I like to BE in shots, not take them all. Point: I am bringing my camera along side Sunny & me & Jase for 7 days, hence the title. Here is a week in our life: Day One: Morning- The Baby Gym. This is an every Thursday playdate, which I havent been to since Sunny was a Crawler. Now that she is a Sprinter, I took up my Sebastian-friend Britt's invitation to finally go again. We have every intention on ruling the place, jumping on the trampoline, leaping through the tunnels, but Sunny ends up playing alone and looking at her muscles in the mirror instead.
Ready to socialize, she scans to see who wants to give up their toy for her to knaw on? After the 'stimuating' gym experience (better luck next week), we drive up to Satellite Beach to visit our cousins. We swim and little cousin tries to drown Sunny but disguises it as "teaching". Mom and cousins' mom (my cousin!) stay close by. Day Two: Mum already needs a break from blogging and photography and goes to Aunt Jena's for some quality time by the pool. Gossips with Hollis and Alex and eats lots of cheese products. Sunny and her daddy spend time together at home riding around in her wagon. Day Three: Our First Invite to a One Year Old Party I spend a good chunk of the party blocking Sunny from food she cant have while she lunges for it. "Its like stealing candy from a baby" she thinks while Nick's mom keeps piling food on his tray, right at Sunnylee-height. We meet Jason at Capt Hiriams when he finishes deep sea fishing in the afternoon. A couple cold one's by the water is the perfect way to end the day. Day Four: Jason's First Father's Day Sunny decides THIS day she wants a sleep in, so I take her photo while she looks sweet and innocent, then I wake her!
I wrapped Jason's gifts weeks ago. He only gets a First Father's Day once. These are his Man-Presents:
She and Jase open the pressies, she's excited to get all new teething toys. We go to Cracker Barrel, Jason's never been, and we make a tourist take a photo of us. They deserved it for being tourists. Jena and Greg came over and the boys went golfing so we could have time to sit on the couch and talk about babies and watch HGTV. Later in the day Jenalee and I take Sunny's One Year Old Photos. & we are thankful cuz even later this happened: Sunny Fell Off the Wagon, literally. Onto the road. Her nose and mouth were bleeding and swollen almost immediately and turning purple so we took our first trip to the ER. The main reason I insisted on going was cuz she screamed for over 30 minutes. She charmed all the nurses and we went home with a "perfect nose" Xray for a souviner and we ate our cold Father's Day dinner. Day Five: Aunt Janet's in Town We eat a good Cook family dinner and watch Sunnylee play all day long. Janet is my dad's twin. Cant you tell? See you next in Hawaii! Day Six: Sunnylee's First Birthday-- So cool to have a one year old! I went into her room that morning to get her out of her crib and sang Happy Birthday. Unbelievable.
I let her eat some of this cupcake. See, I give her sugar. Now that's it until her next birthday. This is her new bug ride-on. Its from Meme and Papa, my parents. We gave her this drum instead of holding out for her party thats coming up on Saturday. Day Seven: We Rest- by need, not cuz we're religious.

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