Monday, June 28, 2010

Hmm... this blogging "every day" is going just how I thought it would go: not happenin'. Making a big spectacle to Jason so he knows I'm not on Facebook. We started the weekend with a morning girl trip to the river for a run. It was the first time I ran with Sunnylee in the jogging stroller and for good reason: its too damn hard! I made it less than 10 minutes before I had to start walking. After she threw her toy over the dock into the crab holes, we headed back to the car. Opting against waking up at 5a and driving to Okeechobee for Sunnylee's First Birthday party, we left the night before instead. We decorated by throwing random yellow stuff around until almost midnight.
No goldfish were harmed here; they were set free after the party into my dad's Koi pond. Now they graze on algae in the free world.
I let Sunny have her sugary sweet cake, but ONLY because my cake lady made a 'baby cake' just for Sunny, even though I hadnt asked her too. I justified it by seeing the look on her face and knowing she wont get another taste until her 2nd birthday.
How cute is this? They were a great crowd.
We love you Sunnylee! Love, mommy & daddy
She rocked these Converse for awhile today, loving the pitter patter, running in her shoes up and down the sidewalk.
We're home! We are finally home in Sebastian, with zero intentions on leaving! At least not for a few more days. Is there anything better than your own home? We've been rolling around on the floor with Sunny and her new toys, watering and working in my gardens, no immediate plans to do ANYTHING. I've been in Yellow Party mode for months, so its nice to not be party planning. Except that thing called a wedding thats coming up in something like 80 days.... forgot about that.

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J. Lee said...

Love those yellow chucks and her onesie. The party was amazing you deserve a break. Sunnylee is the cutest Aussie/Okee baby I have ever seen.