Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

We celebrated this year by running a 5k race here in Sebastian. My dad was in town and ran it with us in 30:30- Jason beat a girl (me) and ran it in 32:00 and I was somewhere near the 37min mark. But, we never stopped running. Thats what counts. That and finishing. I was glad Jason beat me. I gave him my iPod, afterall, and ran in silence. If any of you are music-runners, then you know what a sacrifice this was for me. I got to listen to the shuffle of his feet for miles and was glad when he pulled ahead (Lady Gaga must've came on).

Running down Indian River Drive was brilliant- and it was the exact route the parade was taking afterwards. So it was like we were the parade, because people were all lined up waiting for it while we ran. Our Sebastian friends had a whole set up and we joined them following the race.

Meme and Papa- Sunny didnt move an inch from her position here. Watched the parade for over and hour, stuffing her face with Cheerios and fruit.
She waved and pointed, absolutely loved it. The parade was all there for her and she knew it.
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