Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home 'Renos

My parents came over for the night and helped us with home improvements that I am unable to do (and its a given Jason's also unable to do it). I put them to work hanging shelves and painting walls. The week has been productive for the house: My office library: lots of time spent thinking about how I wanted this room, my room (the shelves are all quite even, my editing of the photos will not show this, since I am SICK of editing photos on Time is money, people) The dining room wall, one wall, is "tangerine". Mom insisted this color was 'in'. Watch HGTV, let me know if this is true. It looks good though.
Birds on a Wire, in the kitchen.
Thanks for coming to hang out, mom and dad. Sunny is devo'd without ya....

Dig. Dig. Dig. I needed a new project earlier in the week (and an excuse not to run that day) so digging was free and I had a shovel available, so we dug out this flower bed. Now landscaping costs money and we're stuck with a dirt-bed. Its a nice shape, right?

I've been growing these flowers for 2-3 months now and I thought I'd take a photo before I killed them.
All you mothers out there: bottle weaning. I only have ONE WEEK worth of formula left for Sunnylee. She already drinks cows milk for months now, in a straw-cup and mixed in her bottle. She likes her bottle before falling asleep, which will be a problem. Any suggestions to wean? This week we ordered these headbands from a chick on ETSY: Most every gift, accessory, or decoration I buy comes from this website. Our friend Beau wears these headbands all the time in NYC, so we thought we'd rock it in Sebastian. I'd post a photo of Sunny wearing one but she yanks them off instantly.

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