Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August Happenings

Siesta Key for my bachelorette party weekend! We began Friday night with these girls:
(plus Sara who must've showed up about 5min after this was taken)

Followed by the rest on Saturday here:

Alex designed these shirts just for the occasion, cleverly titled
"Abby's Fiesta in Siesta 2010" inside an engagement ring. Here I am talking to my 'fiance' during the photo:

I had a very entertaining weekend. Thank you Amanda, Sara, Jenny, Whitney, Jenalee, Hollis, Vanessa, Brandie, Nicole, Alex, & Katrina for showing me it can be fun even though I was sober. What Jason & Sunny were up to while I was celebrating my bachelorette-ness These 2 rascals had a daddy/daughter weekend that began with swimming at our neighborhood sports complex. It was his first time there which is why I'm not surprised five 5-year olds followed Sunny the entire time, irritating Jason. They wanted to touch her and pick her up, both options were denied. They chose instead to follow her close behind, shouting lines like "She's a model!" "She's a rockstar!" "Look at everyone following her, she's a Supa-star!" This makes me laugh. Wish I'd been there for Sunny's entourage moment. And if I didnt get enough attention that weekend, the following one was my bridal shower hosted by Katrina, Hollis, and Alex at my parents house. I left Sunny & Jason, again!, for a Saturday of girl time, food, and gifts! We played another questionaire game (we did one in Siesta) where I had to guess the answer that Jason gave... Like if I were an animal, what kind of animal did he think I'd be? (Koala) And I think I was a mango later on as well.... Thanks girls! Again!

I'm on my 3rd week with a new job. My title is awesome: Assistant Everything to my boss Lynda. I am also her Office Manager at her tutoring center called Make Your Mark In Life and Wellness Cooridinator for a product called JuicePlus. She is very passionate about it so here I am attending nationwide conference calls and future conferences overnight (specifially, in Orlando for 3-4 days in October) for JuicePlus. Its not a full time job but any time I had leftover from the House, the Husband, and the Kid is now dedicated to work. Its kind of a nice feeling. A stressful feeling, but fullfilling.

With my tiny extra income we get to upgrade our "lives" in the form of finally going from Kinda-Organic to Medium Organic (which now includes meat- the newest addition plus the others like milk and eggs) and we also got a Solar Power system installed this week. The SUN will regulate our AirCon and power our water heater. So sorry, FPL: you can take %25 of what we used to pay you and be happy with it. Other Green stuff- my new pots and pans I'm buying with a few giftcards I got from generous friends and family at the bridal shower. This cookware set is ceramic, but nonstick, and they are not coated with Tephlon- something I know contains a chemical that, of course, causes cancer....Google it. Better to be safe than sorry and I'm happy to add another Green-Thing to the Glig household...

I am relieved to say that we dont have a thing going on for almost 2 weeks. Stay at home, clean the house, organize the garage, mow the lawn, weed the garden, raise a 1 year old.... yah, we've got nothing going on...

(((22 days until my wedding!)))

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