Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life's Only Surprise

I love hearing this from people- about me being pregnant and finding out the gender of my unborn child- "...when will you find out?" cuz I love to reply with this, "When it comes out." It usually throws them all for a loop, whether they like that we're waiting to find out or they dont think its something they would do themselves. I read this today and was like, "Yeh, these are the reasons why we're not finding out!" with the second reason, by far, the best (from experience!) Benefits of waiting: • You, your partner, and your family will have a delightful surprise on the day you give birth. • Your desire to know whether your baby is a boy or a girl will motivate you during the toughest parts of labor. • You'll be following in the tradition of your parents, your parents' parents, and so on. • There will be no mistakes — what you see is what you get! Someone put it this way: "finding out the baby's gender before the birth is like opening your Christmas presents before Christmas!" And it all makes sense to me now. A lot of people I know would gladly open their presents before Christmas and actually, some of them do! And they also give me my presents early and make me open them as well! You know who you are....

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