Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back from the Near Dead

During the last 8 days I managed to bang out a few updates on FB about my current sickly status. Only today, day 8, no exaggerating, have I begun the day with a sense of hope instead of hopelessness.

Being pregnant is hard on your body. Being pregnant and chasing a 1 year old is even harder. Being pregnant, nursing a sick 1 year old for a few sleepless nights/days, then instantly catching the sickness yourself for EIGHT DAYS is the worst. Jason said I was pretty funny during that time. And to quote Bee Movie, "if I didnt laugh, I'd cry"...

My phone conversations with Jenalee usually started with "I dont know why we're still talking about this"-- it was just rediculous how many phone calls began with how sick I still was. Longest and worst cold EVER. That turned into a sinus infection, in case anyone needed the details. I am on the mend, antibiotics are doing their job so now I can finally do mine.

A very quick thanks to my husby for vacuuming around me while I was splayed across the recliner, with Sunnylee hot on his heels for attention. And for coming home early from work most of those days & moving his schedule around when I was at my worst. Very thankful  :)

The new baby--- I am 32 weeks along, 8 months officially. We are all guessing that this time around it is a boy, what with all the movement thats been going on in there and my recent sickliness- I blame the baby. Just today I began going through Sunny's old things to locate everything newborn. I have 2 stacks of newborn girl clothes ready to go, and another stack of neutral newborn clothes in case we have a little boy. I found lots of baby teethers and rattles that I cleaned and I have a pile of linens to be washed no matter what the baby is. Its getting exciting; I told Jason that on March 1 we'll officially "get ready for baby"- get things down from the attic, set up the carseat, etc. But I couldnt help pulling out the tiny clothes today with Sunnylee....

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