Wednesday, February 8, 2012

American Baby photo shoot

Lachlan was recently invited to a photo shoot in PSL for American Baby magazine. Thanks to a friend who blogs here (and her super cool baby blogs here) we are able to do fun things we wouldnt normally be able to do.

Here we are, mom and baby, and blurry as all hell. I already knew I was being uncool by taking photos, but I just didnt care.


I've never been to a photo shoot and I couldnt believe all the merchandise that was available!
 And they trusted us amongst it all....

These were Lachlan's to model, Babiators. What baby would keep a pair of these on his head, I dont know. Not Lachlan.

Please subscribe to American Baby Magazine by clicking here. Lachlan should be featured in a Summer 2012 issue and I'd like copies to send to family and to keep! It is not a magazine you can buy off the shelves, or I would just do that... So please subscribe so we can all see him and his Babiators soon. Thanks!

ps. He's not a cover baby. That baby's job was to be drooling and puking up milk every 8 seconds.

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