Sunday, February 5, 2012

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Too much going on here for a Facebook update...

Skip this paragraph if you havent raised kid past toddlerhood yet.

Firstly, we must talk about poop. And Sunny did it yesterday on the potty! OMG it was exciting, we practically had a parade about it. No one was even paying her any attention, due to the other event that was playing out all afternoon-- she had to force mom to let her into the bathroom that was childproofed; mom was Skyping, I was on the phone. Sunny came bolting out of there so proud of herself, saying over and over "I pooped! Its in there!" No one believed her.

I'd like to give credit to her Poop toy, an idea I came up with as a last desperate attempt to potty train Sunnylee. If it hadnt worked, I guess there wouldve been another last desperate attempt, but the Poop toy earned "last desperate attempt"... Since this story wasnt making much sense to her: "Hey Sunny! If you poop, we'll get into the car, drive to the store, and you can buy ANY toy you want! A present! You can pick out a book, Legos, a new baby!" This story got more & more elaborate as I got more and more crazy and irrational. Sunny would usually look at me, while holding her baby, and say "But I have a baby". She didnt get it. Ok, since that wasnt making sense to her, I bought her an Aqua Pet. Its a little weird amoeba suspended in water and if you press its buttons it sings and moves around. Pretty cute. Perfect for little hands sitting on a potty chair. I bought it for her, showed her how it works, then took it away. Set it up really high. Said she could only play with it if she pooped on the potty. She'd sit and pee on the potty, staring longingly at her Aqua Pet. Tell it goodbye when she left the bathroom with only her pee to keep it company... Until now. I bought that thing Friday. She pooped Saturday. I wont give it all the credit, but I think it did its job... And she played with Aqua Pet. Until I took it away for the next poop, which will undoubtedly come.

And if poop isnt your thing, then what about Lower Lumbar Back Injuries, ER Visit by Ambulance, and Percacets? My dad and I took a father/daughter road trip to Jupiter Medical Center last night to pick up Jason. He'd been there all day after he 'did his back'. He pulled or twisted or did something wrong and pulled a muscle in his lower lumbar. He laid in the yard unable to move or crawl for 30min while the ambulance came. And once they arrived, his love for morphine blossomed. All day. Until the night when he crashed (at home) and felt depressed, lol. I know honey, the drugs are good.

So they took him to the ER, hopped him up on the good stuff, took an Xray and confirmed nothing terrible had happened in there, and sent him on his way. My dad and I picked him up and drove his car home. Boo there went our weekend. I mean, poor poor husby, now he cant golf  :) 

No, I am sensitive. I let him sleep in. And stopped having conversations like this:

Me "Are you sure this cant be resolved in a walk-in clinic? You know how wussy you are...."
Him  "I cant walk-in"

We hired a cleaning person to clean the house this week. We are looking forward to Jason taking some time off and staying home to take it easy. And... maybe since he is here, I can get more schoolwork finished and ETSY stuff sewn and sent out--- ETSY which quickly landslided into a massive job currently. All good stuff, all busy stuff....

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brooke rains said...

Yay, Sunny! The more irrational your mom gets, the better! You need to start getting out of your bed 25 times a night and see what kind of toy that gets you.