Friday, September 7, 2012


Besides garbage, there are other things happening in the Glig Life. Like... Oh! I remember. I applied to 2 nursing schools (RN) which start in January. I am proud of myself for taking two different entrance exams, each 3 hours of my time (not including studying, which I didnt do for the NLN exam since I took that one after the TEAS and I assumed them to be similar. Which they... kinda were), and each $50 and $75! Again, ETSY money, which is sweet. I am paying my way through school. Ha. For now.

Ok, so I took these big exams, paid even more money to apply to the programs, got letters of reference and in general had the requirements (GPA, the courses!---> about a million courses). My scores? Hopefully good enough. Out of everyone who is applying to these programs, I was in the 90%-ile. I like that. Sounds like I could get in with scores like that.

Now we're waiting. If October comes and goes and there's no mention of nursing school, then I havent gotten in. I'll say things like "I have plenty of lactation education and clinical-type mentoring hours to complete", which I DO, to prepare for my IBCLC exam and certification... But I was going to do those simultaneously whilst in the nursing program. It would still be a setback, better luck applying next year! But I would have plenty to do.

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