Friday, October 5, 2012

Lined Paper Project

 Saw this originally here and had a great project in mind for it. I wrote an inspring paragraph on our white board. Jason told me Monday that he actually reads it often and is encouraged to go about his stressful day more optimistically. "Today is tough, but tomorrow the kids are grown and we are going to have the rest of our lives to enjoy each other, and mainly, travel...." is basically the message.

I printed a favorite photo of my family onto lined notebook paper
(it is my complete family, as I am pregnant with Lockie here).
I made the photo super faded on picmonkey[dot]com with a method
I cant easily explain on here but it was easy.

It took 3 tries for my printer to accept thin lined paper, and I am happy with the results!
I wrote out my message from this white board onto paper
where it is now forever transcribed for our family to read when we need it  :)

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