Monday, November 5, 2012

This is the Worst Parade Ever

A few topics I'd like to discuss tonight:

The aftermath's of breaking Sunny('s arm)
My half marathon attempt

If you arent interested in any of the above, X out of this window now.

Sunny fell off our bed backwards. The small elbow ball bone (I just had Anatomy I & II and I dont remember this elbow ball bone's smart name) shot out of orbit, hit the humerus, which fractured it, and remained lodged out in Sunny's arm somewhere before surgery corrected it all. Her and I were a mess for 2 days while we battled Drs together, whom she loathes. You can't even take this kids temperature. I dont even know. Now she's back with a vengeance, arguing with me about how she's "in pain" (pain in my you know what) so she can get yummy cherry meds (thanks Tylenol). My newest scheme, since I am using my instincts and assuming no, she's not actually in pain: "I talked to the Dr today. Every time he said you are in pain, you have to go lay down in your bed." She's been surprisingly pain-free all day. She has a hard cast that covers fun wires that are sticking out of her arm. Those get pulled out with pliers in 2 weeks. Whoever comments on this post gets put into a drawing- if you win you take her to his appointment! Good Luck!

I decided early in the year I'd try to keep up with my dad- who is at least 60 years old- and run a half marathon with him. November seemed like the perfect time to run: nice weather, enough time to train, and it was before nursing school began so I'd be laying on the couch a lot doing nothing. November came so fast I barely had time to tie my shoes on. Not only was I busier than any stay at home mom should be, I... was just super busy. I was running around 4 miles, tops, a couple months before the race. Then I quit running. I dont know why, except that I hate being told what to do, even when its myself telling me to do it. I was also curious as to what my body would do when faced with this challenge, without training properly. I dreaded the race. Stayed up at nights thinking about it. Especially when my dad said he'd stay with me the whole way. I knew what that meant: me keeping a pace I was not comfortable with, having to answer to him each time I wanted to stop and walk, and hearing him give me "you're running like a girl!" jabs every few hundred meters. My dad's not that cruel, I'm joking... But I do play baseball and basketball like a boy now, just sayin'....
I knew I should look forward to this trip to Savannah, GA with my parents even if it was just to get away from TheGligLife for 3 days. I concentrated on that- spending time with mom and dad, eating oysters, drinking beer, alone time.
Race day- I actually did pretty good! I ran almost 9 miles before my body began shutting down, with obvious injuries. I had lots of muscle aches in my legs, which I ran through- that seemed normal. My heart and lungs were phenomenal, in fact, I'd like to dedicate my medal to them, for being fit and keeping up with the race. I was NOT breathing hard. My knee, though, decided to put a stop to the madness and do this thing where I thought it might just snap if I didnt stop. So we stopped and walked/jogged the remainder of the race, miles 10-13. I was disappointed with that, but I totally understood that had I trained for this race, I would've made it. I was concentrating on how prepared my upper body was and proud of that, and tried not to think about the excruciating pain that I was feeling in my legs. It helped that dad was good company and I think he was a little impressed that I ran more than 2 miles. The distractions in that city were amazing- I cant wait to run it next year. I had so much fun! Fans for 13 miles, so many funny signs to laugh at and so many people wanting to give high 5's. My fav signs (the title of this post was one sign) and  "If running were easy it would be called Your Mom".

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