Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No More Cast

Sunny now has 2 handy hands, the perk she most looked forward to when removing her cast.

Yesterdays' was not a pretty appointment, hence Jason refusing to go and wanting her practically knocked out for the procedure. Oh, it wasnt just removing her cast, thats easy. It was the pliers part: pulling pins out of her arm that stuck out of her skin (like that image?). They were tucked away into her cast, but with it gone, the pins just poked out in a gruesome fashion. It was actually unnerving and I wished I'd stayed home.
So Jason & I argued about the consciousness of Sunny. I'd heard from 2 Drs that Benedryl and codeine would be fine. She's used up all her codeine so I did Benedryl and ibuprofen to at least dull any muscle aches she may have afterwards. No amount of drugs I had available to me couldve calmed her. She was a basket case, starting with the xrays.
I held her back against my chest, with her arm on her pilly (her pillow), and we watched as the Dr pulled the pins out. The entire staff was with us at this point, not being able to deal with their youngest patients screams without seeing her, and they all stared in a semi circle.
The pins reminded me of a plug- once they were pulled out, blood followed. Not sure why no one in the room was prepared for that! Sunnys very aware of "blooding" and its included in her story when she wants to talk about it.
I cant spare my daughter from any pain in her life (like her father wanted to do!) but I can be there for her to help her through it. With a bag of M&Ms.

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