Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The Gligs are eating healthy! We are doing weird things like drinking coffee without creamer, eating apples for dessert, and having only meat/veg for our meals. Oh, and no alcohol. Cray-zay! Dont let me fool you- We are not struggling. We feel great, and its not hard. For me its probably b/c I weighed about the same weight as when I was pregnant with Lachlan, whaaaaaat! That was sucky to type out. I was miserable a week ago eating junk, and now I feel good eating healthy and exercising. No pity parties for us.

Actually, I dont know what Jason's eating when he's at work. I usually send him with food, but sometimes I dont. That may transfer to a McDonalds meal or a Panera salad. Who knows. And he may be substituting Coca Cola for beer. But whatev.

Its a mixture of Paleo and Adkins- Pakins- we dont have any sugar or grains or bread or pasta, but we do have carbs, in the form of fruits. Basically its 80% better than how we were eating. Ok, 90%... And I made up Pakins. Dont google it.

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