Saturday, May 25, 2013

We tried tent camping over the weekend. Never once has this family slept in a tent together. But we sleep pretty well at home, bedtime routine is tight. And the kids like to get dirty so camping seems like the right entertainment.
I actually wanted to go so I could cook over a fire and read books (my books) in the woods with only woods-y noises in the background. That actually happened. I mean, kids were also whining in the background, but I've learned to ignore it.

I only took one picture of the mini-Gligs. Once the kids weren't impressed with pine cones any longer, I drug the plastic toys from the car. They were quietly playing together when I had the idea to take one photo. I just couldn't be bothered the rest of the weekend with a camera[phone]. It has become my attachment, my reason for standing on the side and observing. I still like to observe, but instead of getting the angle and lighting right, I just observed and tried to store the memories in my mind.

There is also a picture of my husband having the time of his life:

Disney's Ft Wilderness- I am still dreaming about it and how their rates drop on Aug 4th... LOVED it.

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