Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eating for Two

I'm only gonna say this once. So listen carefully.... Let me quote a couple of my last few journal entries, penned by hand in a notebook, and written about my current second pregnancy. "... my moods are awful though- depressed during the day, and night too if I feel like it. I have zero energy. Not that I usually nap, just no energy to get off the couch. Depressing." "... Cant wait to get my energy back. I am useless and its only 10a." "This baby is zapping me. I cant clean or garden. Its depressing." See a pattern here? Haha...! Obviously I havent been feeling so hot. And then, I changed one thing. I am my boss's Wellness Coordinator for Juice Plus. I just handle all of her clients orders and... wellness. In no way was I interested in personally taking on Juice Plus and the business of it all, and throw a heaping pile of it onto my friends and family. BUT, I did order my supply of pills so I was involved somehow. I'd read an interesting article about pregnancy and Juice Plus (, so I was vested personally anyways. I'm pretty turned off right now on fruits or veggies so Juice Plus and I are pretty much BFF. Ok, back to my story. I got my Juice Plus order in the mail on Tuesday, my last 'depressing' day. I took it that afternoon and then for the next 2 days. Those journal entries took place up until Tuesday. And now this is my journal entry after Tuesday: "... After that energy-less day, I've been on fire- running around Vero/Sebastian like a demon and today is turning into the same. I told Jason Tuesday that I couldnt do it anymore. I was sick of days like that. It sucked. But then... I'm good. Now. What I did different? Funnily enough I started taking Juice Plus. Hmmm...."

So, thats it. I'll blog how I feel from now on (so maybe I didnt tell the truth, that I'd only "say this once"-- I might mention it again, kind of like if I'd seen a good movie or ate at an amazing restaurant, I'd tell you?), conscious about these fruits and veggies I'm cramming down my throat. Not vitamins, not supplements, actual fruits and vegetables. Lots of them. You're welcome, baby Glig #2. Anything for you!

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