Sunday, September 5, 2010

Posted A Little Late.... but whatev

The countdown to Hawaii has been in the very far reaches of my mind. There is too much going on! Sunny got her first official sickness over the weekend. After a couple of days battling a high fever (103-105 degrees) we drove her to the ER which happens to be on our street, convientiently. It was 630a and we'd had enough Tylenol/Motrin and fever worries. Our ER is amazing, quiet, clean, and empty when we've gone, so I have no issues with it. Within 45 minutes we were on our way back home with a script for antibiotics and a diagnose of a sore throat. Poor baby has been trying to tell us this for days! It was as if just seeing the Dr. cured her. She was fine as soon as we got back home and has been since. As of last night I am finally back to sleeping through the night, as is she. It was all 3 of our first times being up all night (after 15mo, what a good run!)and also the first time she ever slept in our bed. Jason was sleeping sideways, she kicked and cried and woke us up all night. How do people do it? It was nice having her close, but no one slept a wink. Back to the crib you go!
To make her feel better I made her a super hero cape.
Her appetite for Cheerios never wavered

I've finally started to 'plan my wedding' with one week to go. There are so many loose ends! I had to talk to the airline about checking baggage for the baby and what we were aloud to bring for free (stroller and carseat). I still have to check on the crib situation at the resort.... someone remind me later! I cant call Hawaii until the afternoon since they are 6hrs behind us and I get all my best work finished in the morning- so I forget later to do things. I also need to call my wedding planner who called me Friday night and I've yet to get back with her! We're booking excursions and cars, changing flights for some people.... I've been printing fun little things for destination weddings that I get to bring to the island, AND we've been shopping and packing. Its all fun though. 7 days and we'll be airborne.

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