Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Real World.... actually quite nice (not that I'd forgotten). We dreaded the flight home and the subsequent struggle with jet-lag, mostly how Sunny would handle it. And like most things with Sunnylee, she surprised us both and made all of our lives easier on us. Our flight left at 9p Hawaii-time and landed at 430p Florida-time. She slept at 40,000 feet for 10 hours. Then slept [at 2 feet] for 2 hours on the drive home from the airport. Then had a bath and decided to sleep for another 12 hours straight. And repeated herself the following night, 12 hours. (The first night was great- she woke up upset at midnight and we brought her into our bed thinking, "This is it, time to play!" By the time Jason brought her water to her, in our bed, she was passed out again! We snuggled and she didnt open her eyes until almost 10a that morning... Sometimes I wish she would always want to come to our bed at midnight, but this is what she was 'trained' to do, sleep on her own.... sigh) We've been pretty tired in the mornings- 7a here is 1a back there. We havent been hungry until after FL-lunch. We've been sleeping more than normal human beings need and drinking in whale-quantities (I imagine swimming in the ocean all day, they consume a lot of water...) Travel + Vacay + Airplanes = dehydrated exhausted Gligs.

So Jenalee tells me today that dolphins kill pregnant people. I didnt go on a dolphin swimming adventure this past week, but since I was in a tropical place, I had ample opportunites to do so. Since I am pregnant and could have almost swam with dolphins, then I conclude that I almost died last week. Has anyone heard about this unbecoming dolphin characteristic?

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