Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bad Parenting

Baby Glig #2 is entering its 21st week of existence this week. We had a huge ultrasound last Thursday where every organ is accounted for and each limb is measured. Seeing this baby kick and squirm on the monitor for 45 minutes makes the entire pregnancy and all its consequences more real.

The ultrasound tech said the baby was in a perfect position for every 'photo' she needed, so when I got a call the next day that they needed more pictures of the baby's spine, I was pretty anxious. It stems from Sunnylee's 20 week ultrasound- they couldnt get a good angle of her heart and told me so AT the appointment and I scheduled to come back again. But since the Tech said she got every photo, and a good one it seemed, I thought the worst. When I talked to my Dr though they reassured me they expect the best from the Tech's and the spine photos were not the best. Basically, I was paying for these photos and hadnt got my money's worth. So without hesitations, I am going back to the Dr today for a few more photos of the spine. The baby's perfect tiny little spine.

A Sunnylee catastrophe:
I dont want to admit an event like this, but hey, I learned from it, and more importantly, Jason learned even more! After Sunny's bath last night, we pajama'd her and commenced to rush into the dining room (with Jason's parent's on Skype) where Jason was opening his birthday presents. Sunny was interested for about a minute then decided to ride around on her ladybug pushie thing. We could hear her scooting up and down the hallway.

Then I heard a loud crash in the bathtub and I thought she'd thrown her ladybug into the tub- her favorite thing to do if we leave the bathroom door open is to throw random objects into her tub. I'd even forgotten to let the water out of the tub, so I was thinking of this ladybug (which was quite expensive and not waterproof) floating around in her tub now.... I sent Jason off to rescue it at once, with Sunnylee crying in the background. She cries whenever she throws her toys out of reach, which makes me wonder why she would throw it in the first place....? One year olds...

SO- Sunny's crying, Jason's blundering from room to room looking for the commotion (ok, didnt we JUST hear the bathtub-crashing noise? Did he not hear that?), then I hear him yelling and carrying on and water splashing. I investigate and there she is- standing in the middle of the bathroom now, soaking wet from head to toe, in her nightclothes. Crying. I bundle her up once he undresses her as he explains in pure freak-out mode, that he found her on her back, in the tub, with her nose and mouth barely surfacing above the water. Sunny does this "turtle" pose as I call it, where anytime she falls down she gracefully turns to her back until rescued. And thats what she did. She wont try to get up on her own though! You have to rescue her.
All night Jason talked about how, "If the water had been a little deeper," and other scary thoughts, but everything is fine now. I wasnt, and am still not, too worried- I am very safe with Sunny. Baby gates are up, doors are all shut, no bathroom accessibility, etc (ok, except for maybe last night, when we got distracted from all the Skype/birthday ruckus). I am not thinking about future traumatic events like this occuring often because they wont- we're baby-proofed over here and I keep it that way when I'm with Sunny...
But Jason and I did learn the following:

1. Not to let distractions keep you from keeping the babies safe.
2.a. The door to the bathroom should actually be shut after every pee, every bath because life isnt always "That'll never happen to us, what are the chances?" (2.b---and as the mother, my suggestions are not nagging or off-the-wall theories I've heard on 20/20 last night- thats what Jase learned).
3. The water should be let out each night (he blamed this on himself, when really I was the one who gave Sunny a bath that night... I corrected him, didnt want him to feel too guilty).
4. And babies, who you've invested 9mo "making" inside, 16mo raising on the outside, could all be over in less than a minute. Something that would affect you for as long as you lived.

And that is a scary lesson.

So... how was everyone's weekend?   ;)

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Anonymous said...

Dude! That is my worst fear! I always let the water out when Beau's in the tub because I am paranoid about her waking up, somehow getting out of her crib, and finding her way back in the tub. Now if I were more diligent about her not falling off the couch, she might not have a chipped tooth.