Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hay Bale Gardening

I guess its Week 19... who's counting? :) I have a hay bale garden- filled with yummy vegetable plants that are presently threatening us with 15 ripening green tomatoes at once. I painsakingly water, stake, and... well thats all I do really because this garden is the easiest! I got the idea from this site, so I cant take all the credit. Basically I bought 6 hay bales from the feed store, the kind of hay that is in large rectangle-cubes (I know that is the wrong description but what is a 3-dimensional rectangle called?) that horses eat. Got that?

Then I bought already established vegetables plants from Home Depot since my attempt to grow seeds made me feel like I had to give up my Green Thumb membership. Stuffed the plants right into the top of the hay, then viola! Instant garden, no bending over to take care of, no weeds, super easy. I DID have to get the bales 'ready', something I learned from this site. Anyways, my point of all this was to say I found dirt on sale at Walmart over the weekend so cheap that I almost updated my FB account exclaiming how grown up I felt over my excitement over dirt. I didnt put it on FB, but it was a great deal: bags of Organic Choice Miracle Grow for $1. For the benefit of my garden, vegetables and flowers and everything, I bought all Walmart offered. Then spread it all over the tops of my hay bales to insure they were recieving nutrients as the hay doesnt offer any. Just something I felt like they needed. And my point of all THAT, was to say something incredible happened after I spread Organic Miracle Grow dirt... Incredible in a disgusting way, in a way made me wish I'd never gone to Walmart that day. There is serious 'organic' stuff in this dirt because it caused a fungus to grow on 2 of my plants that scared the &#%#& out of me when I saw it. Jason and I poked it with a stick, ready to run, imagining a swarm of somethings to fly out. When nothing did, I did what any of you would've done, I Googled it. I Googled "Orange puffy fungus" and found a plethora of sites dedicated to this fungus they so accurately and scientificaly call "Dog Vomit Fungus". Can you picture what I've seen now? Google it, I dont even want to put the sites on here. G-r-o-s-sness. From what I've read, its harmless and.... you just deal with it (its even gone now, the next day, since I didnt water my plants [and they are bone dry]-- which I am now scared to do). Anyone wanna come over and eat a fresh salad at my place? On a happy note, I can feel the baby kick for sure now. Its been a few weeks of tapping inside, but now it is confirmed, there is a moving thing alive inside of me.

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Sheryl Walter said...

It's straw bale gardening, not hay bale. Hay will not work for this.