Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Food and Cold Weather

Sunny thinks wearing my grandma's watch on

her foot is funny, or where its supposed to be.

Week 19- Baby ? is moving, kicking, zapping me of energy at times, and poking out enough that strangers are regularly mentioning our newest Glig. THIS stage is nice. Anything before 5mo is just ______. 5mo to the end its real, it feels real, and everyone else knows its real!
My dad and Jason are building a deck at our house. We've made a lot of progress which makes me think we'll actually see it out to the end, and in time to still enjoy the cooler season.
Sunny loves to help:

When the slightest cool breeze blew through Sebastian I ran out and bought a giant silo of plain 'ole oatmeal like my mom used to make. Its cooked on the stove with milk then served- Sunny's with honey, mine with brown sugar. Yum yum, anyone else feed there little ones oatmeal in the morning? Sunnylee LOVES it, its her most favorite breakie right now:
Speaking of warm toasty meals, how much chili was made for dinner over the weekend? Jason whipped up a batch Sunday night that we're still eating (as of Tuesday!). What makes it different- its made with buffalo mince instead of beef. I'd like to say how different it was, but it tastes the same. Sunny loves to eat chili, just how it is, but this bowl of chili I rinsed off with water in a strainer first since we made it extra spicy. If I HAVE to give Sunny fast-food, then its usually Wendy's chili. She likes beans!
I've only realized last night why its essential to go out for dinners sometimes- not only do I not have to cook, which is obvious to me, I also dont have to clean up. No rice covering the floor, no dishes piled in the sink since the dishwasher is still full of clean dishes.... We went out last night [to avoid those cleaning-up tasks] to our newest fav sushi place. Sunny eats well at this restaurant, and if you have a little one then you know what I mean. Some places just dont cater to babies! As Jason and I ate miso soup, the waitress brought Sunny her own bowl of rice with soup mixed in. She devoured edemame, opening them herself to find the beans inside. After a full 45 minutes of eating, our plates had been cleared away, except for Sunny's. She was still scarfing rice. And beans. And random fruit that had come on our plate. Sushi joints= great for babies. Not always the first place you think of (I usually think of mexican places- everything is similar and smushed together in different ways, perfect for babies!).
I sent this picture to my sis-in-law-to-be, Amanda, and told her to show it to my brother Matt. Apparently Matt eats edemame whole (or did one time and thats all it took!), unknowing that there is a bean inside that you eat! I told Amanda that even Sunnylee knows there's a prize inside this pod:

Sunnylee's two favorites: the always popular Lambie and her baby
(popular for 5 months now- she received it for her birthday). She signs "Baby" now and says it clearly. She even pokes my tummy and says "baby" but she does that to Jason too so... I told her Jason has a Beer Baby in his tummy so she was right.
I keep this cabinet empty since I got tired of cleaning
Tupperware off the kitchen floor 23x a day.
When I couldnt find Sunnylee,
I looked here and this is what I saw:

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