Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cold Offspring

Sunny sometimes wakes up periodically throughout the night, usually after 4a, and we let her shuffle around and cry a little until she goes back to sleep. But when its cold like it has been here in Florida, we lay awake and wonder aloud if she's cold, too. We have the heater on and she is layered up with a singlet, socks, and her warmest feety jammies- and still she's cold.

We cant be the only parents who worry that their kids are cold, and rightfully so- Jason usually goes and gets her and they sleep the rest of the morning, warm, under our comforter, & on the recliner.

There are many more months of winter and I just cant stand it any longer. I bought Sunny this today:

I found it originally on Halo's website under Sleep Sacks for Early Walkers. It would've been over $36 to order one there. On it is $20 (with shipping) and will be here by Friday. Not that we will really need it Friday night; I think we will use it during the really cold nights. It is basically a blanket worn over the pajamas. The reason this is needed is because Sunny has never kept a blanket on. She is too young to pull one over herself. We also put her in her crib awake each night, but sleepy. She sometimes stands and moves around before nodding off, thus throwing off any blankets. I creep in there before bed to cover her once for the night... & that must get thrown off about 4a.

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Misty said...

You will love this! Here in Indiana our kids live in the sleep sacks and then grow into the sleepers for walkers! You picked a great product!