Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Gligs Thanksgiving Week Accomplishments

-Went to Meme & Papa's house for Thanksgiving, a few days early to get in the right festive mood.
-Had a playdate with Beau, 2 days in a row, AKA happy hour (beer & oysters for the mama's! minus beer for me)

- Went on a 3 mile walk with Beau's mom. I regret it since I was a train wreck the following day, T-Day, with exhaustion and general crabbiness.
-I almost became the first person ever to die of allergies, if there is such a thing.
-Whipped up a Thanksgiving leftover specialty back in Sebastian- an impromptu turkey pot-pie ala Paula D which was scarfed faster than Thanksgiving the day before. Recipe here.
-Jason put up Xmas lights outside of our house once we came back from Okeechobee- before any other house in the neighborhood! Our first time decorating as well for our first Xmas at our first house. It is actually our 3rd Christmas together, but it feels brand new this year!

-I happened to capture this video & decided Sunnylee had had enough of Okeechobee & its rascals so we went back home.


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to laugh at this video? It feels wrong.

barefootinflorida said...

If laughing is wrong, I dont wanna be right because I just cried I laughed so hard...hope it sends me into labor!