Monday, December 13, 2010

A Very Glig Christmas Letter

The Gligorov Adventures Continue… 2010

The short version of our Christmas letter this year is that we found someone foolish enough to give us a mortgage and we moved to Sebastian Florida, everyone is fine and/or pregnant, we had a great summer where it was too hot to even think about going outside, there was a wedding, nothing tragic that we couldn’t expertly deal with occurred since last Christmas, & we are not yet rich and will be less so after the 25th. For those of you with stamina, a more detailed account follows:

In January we traveled to Australia where Sunnylee met our friends and family for the first time. In April we bought our first home. We have a guest bedroom (& grass to mow and carpet to vacuum) so feel free to visit anytime. In September, twenty five friends and family members from the US, Australia, and Germany all traveled to Maui for a Very Gligorov Wedding. Jason and I said vows to stay together ‘til the bitter end. It was gold.

Jason is still at his job; it appears that his bosses love him! And since his job directly involves beer, I don’t see the two parting ways any time soon. Thank goodness for that, my paycheck has been quite small since, well, since I met Jason is really when it all started... He’s taken up golf with a Tiger-like fervor, hasn’t lost to anyone in table tennis since moving here, and I quote him, “I continued my career as a father.” That’s gonna be a long stressful career. But most fulfilling.

I’ve returned to my job, which is baby-maker. It doesn’t offer too many benefits: in fact, insurance is out of the question. Its temporary, I only have through March. But seriously, the pregnancy’s been a breeze thankfully, or maybe I just have other things on my mind, like “I haven’t heard Sunny for a bit…Are the baby gates up?” We’ve kept the gender a surprise like the first time, loving the reactions of others. Oh, and we do it for an easier time during labor, its life’s only surprise … & tradition. But really to ^#&@ off our friends. Yes, I just used salty language in our Baby Jesus’ Birthday letter.

Sunny can already say about 500 words, six of which are in English. Maybe she’s learning German faster than I am? Since we don’t have a dog it’s also fun to teach her sign language. She can sign you right off the farm, as animals are her obsession currently. Her other interests include eating while staying in size 6 month clothing for over a year (I think she’s doing Pilates in her crib) and training to be a metal detector by finding all the screws her daddy leaves laying about the deck construction going on out our back door. She’s managed to keep us fearful in 2010 by falling face first out of her wagon onto the road, keeping one fever at 105 for a few days, and most recently, jumping into the [full of water] bathtub when bath time was clearly over. At Thanksgiving dinner this year, when it was my turn to give thanks, I said, “We are thankful that Sunny’s nose is slightly bigger or it never would’ve stuck above the surface for air that night.”

Love from us: Jason, Abby, Sunnylee, Baby Glig #2, Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer, etc . . .

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Great letter and photo! Looking forward to Gligs 2011.