Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just a thought I woke up with

You can grow up to be whatever you want to be.
I know when I was younger, the people who told me this phrase (teachers, guidance counselors, my parents) had good intentions, but not realistic intentions.

I for one will not be telling my kids they should be whatever they want to be. Of course I believe they could be anything, but thats besides the point. My daughter can be a teacher if she wants and my son can get a Phd in French Poetry. But what no one tells you when you're 17 is that there isnt a need for more teachers by the time you finish school and to use a degree like French Poetry you'll have to move. To France.

My useless degree in Business Management (& Education now!) is what sparks this blog post. I wish someone had sat me down and said how important it would be in my near future for more pharmacists or IT techs. That majoring in those subjects would "guarantee" I'd have a job, or jobs to choose from even, and not a job I'd have to move to Miami or New York to find, but one I could find in any town I preferred to live in.

So, as I said. I wont be telling my children to be whatever they want. Yes, they CAN be whatever they want, but to have more control over your life, your job, your happiness, you SHOULD be what the market needs you to be.... Just a thought.

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