Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Catch Up

Its possible that I will fall asleep before finishing this post.

We had a rather busy weekend, like most weekends in the Glig's January/February schedule. Jason went to the Keys with my brothers for a bachelor weekend for Matt. We attended a Superbowl party and Jason golfed with my brother Robert this morning, Monday. I had a baby appointment followed by shopping and socializing with the girlies Friday, a 2 year old party Saturday, and Okeechobee plus play dates with Sunny's friend Beau up through today.
When the Gligs got home to Sebastian, it was all business though- major cleaning. I did everything at my level- counter tops, surfaces, kitchen, etc. whereas Jason did the floors and picking up. I am unable to bend over and clean/pick up Legos and tea cups and stuffed animals. Too much pressure and effort at this point in the pregnancy.
We had all the windows and doors open in the house. The wind was blowing at hurricane force, knocking things over inside and out- it blew one of my fav pieces of art off the shelf in Sunny's playroom which crashed to the floor and glass shattered everywhere. I would've been more upset, but the quickness in which Jason came running to our 'rescue' made up for it. I was impressed with his concern. I predicted a "What was that?!" from him but instead got a dash to check on our safety. I shut all the windows/doors at that point, noting the temp from 82* inside, an increase from when we first got home! I couldnt stand the heat or wind any longer. I put the thermostat on 75* and went on with our afternoon in peace, the wind howling outside unable to get in finally.
Jason did some computer work and then we sat on our deck and talked about life until dinner arrived. Yes, it was delivered. Home made, fresh from the oven, from our neighbors. It is the first meal in our meal exchange 'program' that we have going on right now with them. We made them a Thai curry 2 Mondays ago and this was our first time having one of their meals. Remember, he is a chef on John's Island, a club so exclusive that his mother cant even eat there. We are pretty lucky. Ok, so he made a lamb ragu, is what he called it. I call it (not to his face!)Hamburger Helper, but classy of course. No powdered cheese. The lamb must've taken ages to make, but whatever- it was amazing. I think Sunnylee ate more than I did! She can scarf down some pasta....

We are 34 weeks this week with Baby Glig #2, or 8 months. As of my next appointment next week I will be seeing the Dr weekly until the babe arrives. Its gone by quick, really. I had been sick since 30 weeks, just getting over that last week and I'm not exaggerating, it was at least 14 days. Now sleepiness has crept in, just like the 1st trimester. I am tired by 11a! I drag along behind Sunny until her nap time when I can finally rest, too. Then drag behind her until her daddy comes home. The baby is ready, I believe, trying its hardest to kick out. I was reading a magazine in bed the other night and the baby kicked it right off my stomach. I dont recall this much power (and moving so often) with my first pregnancy, although it must've been similar.

We are finalizing plans with what we're gonna do with Sunny when its go time. The plan is to not plan anything until it happens and whoever is not working and available will take Sunny for the delivery time. I need to mention this to my brothers so they know.... Mom and dad will want to be at the hospital for the delivery, but after that they will take Sunny for a couple nights until we get home again. That's the 'plan'.

Goodnight. Its 8p, I'm going to sleep now.

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