Thursday, February 10, 2011

Take What We Can Get

It's been a good evening. After Sunny whined and cried for "snack!" and denied my offering of yummy oranges, I demanded we leave the house. We walked to our neighbors for a beer and to socialize our 1 yr old with their just-turned-two year old.
If Sunny's not being pushed down by her, hit, or having things thrown at her, this little girl is smothering her with hugs, trying to hold her hand and drag her around like she's her baby, or feed her with various play utensils. There is no happy medium so Sunny is always on guard. Its her BFF, though. Talks about her all the time.
She taught Sunny how to grab at things and hold them fiercely to her chest while announcing "MINE!" Its the worst. Which is what I thought until we got home for dinner. I made amazing Thanksgiving dinner in Feb: a fresh stuffed turkey breast with squash and peas. And Sunnylee ate it all. I'm talking bite after bite after bite of peas. Really, that could've been all she had and I would be happy, just like any mother. There was the other stuff she ate so I was just happy-happy. In perspective, Sunny screams "Mine!" But she also eats peas and eats most meals well, whereas the neighbor kid had mac n cheese. I saw before we left.

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