Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

After many many questions about what the Gligs will be doing for the weekend, and after many many answers of..... "uhhhhh"- I decided we WERE doing something. I am not sure yet, but I will document it with photos.

Friday I took the two littles to a book store in Vero that is super cool. We sat and listened to story time, they both ate during (one had cookies, one had milk- guess who), and I managed to leave without buying a thing! I was impressed.

I got my hair cut. And left the mini Gligs home with their daddy for the first time alone. Eh, I was gonna take Lachy, but then I decided to take a break instead. Well deserved.

Saturday Meme & Papa came! They cooked us an amazing steak dinner & we had happy hour on our deck after a hard day of painting the guest bathroom and the nursery.

I cut a pretty flower from my garden that bloomed just in time for the holiday

Then the Bunny came! & Sunny wore her Easter outfit from Meme as she hunted these eggs down. Lachlan wore his smartest suit/onesie. Hated it.

Sunny: "And then.... I left Sebastian! Went for a holiday in Okeechobee, I heard its nice this time of year. My cousins live there and I know the Bunny left a few baskets with Meme somehow and she needed to drop them off to them...Ciao mom and *dad!"

*dad was 'sad'. 5 minutes later he was happy as sam watching golf.

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