Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our First Month as a Family of Four

Where have the Gligs been?

Birthing this:

And fattening him up into this:

I've wanted to blog so bad but you can see where I'm having a hard time finding an hour to sit and think and type. It doesnt help that our laptop is incapacitated and its unable to leave its Big Brother, the Desktop. Its monitor is blank so sometimes I use it through Desktop's monitor.
BUT- we have a new laptop currently riding along the highway in a FedEx truck on its way to us, its new family, where it will probably battle juice spills and toddler toes stepping on it and buttons being pried off by little fingers. Wish it luck.

Lachlan has been wonderful. He is snuggly and loves his momma. We sleep together at night often, usually from his first feeding around 11p through his 2nd feeding at 3a. Its his own crib before and after that, where he sleeps curled up on his tummy, free from the swaddle that his sister slept in for the first 6mo of her life. It is so different with him. In the best way. I thought if he was any different from Sunnylee that it meant it would be difficult. But its not. In fact, its way easier.

Sunny LOVES him. In a very smothering, motherly way. He's the first thing she wants to see in the morning; she wants a peek into his crib. She points out his ears, eyes, nose, hair. Over & over again. She helps to change his diapers. A great big sister, no jealousy at all.

Jason gets lots of Sunnylee time and I am up to my neck with Lachlan. We agree its different this time around- mainly the amount of time he's spent with Lachy, which is not a lot. When I'm feeding him every 2 hours, it makes sense that Jason's occupying Sunny. Sometimes Lachy and I even sleep-in in the mornings while Jason and Sunny eat and watch cartoons when she wakes up. Anyways, its a nice give and take. Working well for us.

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Anonymous said...

sunny like to take off your diaper and eat you while u eat cucumber