Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Social Future

During dinner, the Gligs ate pizza and we casually kept glancing out of our large bay window throughout conversation, commenting on everything going about in the neighborhood at that moment (we eat dinner so early the entire 'hood is usually still out doing fun stuff)- Jasons 18 year old neighborhood BFF who plays table tennis with him drove off from his home, we commentated a predictable [fake] death for a dog walker since the 100 year old guy across the street was careening down the road, back from his daily meal at the Moose Club, and I scouted the playground for possible young/cool looking families.

Jackpot! Cool/young looking family! Young mom, little blond toddler, 1 year old midget boy who look like Sunny. We scarfed the pizza as fast as we could, tied back Sunny's hair so she only looked like half a ragamuffin (her best time of day is before lunch, after that we usually dont take her into public), shoved a piece of chewed crust into her grubby little fist, then argued over who was going over. I won, to stay home. Jason's accent negated the blood on his shirt and his slight intoxication (all the better to get chatty, like he needs that......) I wasnt making any friends looking this hideous. After my hair appointment on Friday, sure, I'd meet people. But lifelong Sebastian friends are currently residing in Jasons hands as I type...

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