Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July morning

My parents came over the day before a 5k race that my father and I were running together on the 4th along the river here in Sebastian. I was actually looking forward to the run, even as we drove there, something that doesnt always happen. I knew that in order to get me out of the mood I'd been in (it was a terrible mood, like a post-vacay blues mood, the "house is a mess" mood, etc) I would need to start running again. I havent ran in over 2 weeks and its depressing.

*On a side note, I did lose weight while in Germany, not something I contribute to a healthy diet or anything, but to walking through the city with a baby strapped to me and going up stairs a TON--- in Berlin our elevator only held 150kilos, a weight I'm not entirely sure about so I would take the stairs instead of hopping in this with Jason... And its also not thanks to German food or beer, which I ate and drank enough of to gain plenty of weight.

I was surprised that I finished the race without walking, which is always my only goal. Maybe one day my goals will change to trying to get better times... one day. I ran this race as fast as I ran the previous race in Vero a month ago- 12 minute miles. Slow, right? Well, at least I am fine with this number. I did just have a baby. 3 months ago, but still. People were staring at me some; sometimes I thought they must like my cool glasses, other times I think they thought I was still pregnant and running....

Running is all in your head. My body can do it, but my mind will scream to just stop and go lay in some shady grass. I keep motivated by listening to music I used to listen to in my prime, things like Crazy Game of Poker- I've ended many runs with this song helping me along the way. I also bore my eyes into the backs of 80 year old runners in front of me, saying to myself that there is no way that old codger will beat me. This time I'd passed most of the nursing home and instead focused in on another demographic that I just cant run behind- a 6 year old in front of me. When I passed him I told him I've been trying to catch up with him for miles. He beat me in the end. Next time, rugrat.

I didnt register to run. This was my first race as a bandit. Thats run-jargon for cheap loser.

My post-run endorphins have thankfully replaced my nausea- I left the race to pick up my kiddos at the house- they were still sleeping so I just left them there knowing they would be fine until I got back. Kidding, my mom was there... I took them in their red, white, and blue glory back to the river for a parade. Friends of ours are party planners so they always have the sweetest setup, complete with vodka even though its 8a. It was SO HOT though... I almost just left. The kids were fine but I was sweating, just as much as everyone else I'd realized, so I stuck around.

Can you see Lachy sleeping in the chair above? Parades make him sleepy. He jumped practically out of that chair when the sirens of a firetruck went off right next to us. He screamed, was so scared  :(

I lost my car keys before the parade, in the midst of feeding Lachy once I'd parked, changing diapers, getting the kids out of the car, into the stroller... My dad came and rescued me later, found my keys under the car. Figures...

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