Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guess What I....

pulled out of Sunnys old clothes? Her small jammies. That will fit Lachlan now (size 6-9mo if you're wondering how large my second child has accumulated to). For some reason jammies are always in need for my kids; no matter how many jammies we own, its still not enough. They're super cute to shop for so I dont have many problems with this. I have a problem now though, because we do have enough jammies for Lachlan, only they look like this:

My mom made me promise I wouldnt take any photos of him in pink flowery butterfly-ery feetie pajamas; she said it was for my own good later in life. Since you never understand where your mother is coming from until you've been in her exact shoes, I probably wont listen to her more-than-likely great advice. Until then, I'll tell you that Lachy looks like a little boy in girls clothing. He is currently laying in my bed pretending to be my second daughter.

But as usual, I've saved money. At the cost of my son.

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