Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pedi's, and not the feet kind

I miss Dr Brown. Old fashioned and wise. He could take one look at Sunny and say, "Her eyes arent bright enough, somethings wrong." My kids' pedi here in Sebastian... ugh. They are nice enough. I semi-trust them. Ok, I dont trust them at all. I think theyre on Google while we're discussing things.

I have to know my shit when I go to the pedi's office. Since they dont really know theirs. I ask questions that I already know the answer to just to see what they'll say. They arent schooled in immunizations, the PA said today. Well... I wonder what she is schooled in?

I didnt get on here to talk crap about my kids' Drs. They are doing their job, by the book, no deviating. But each kid isnt by the book. They are individuals.

And I dont care about the Herd. She started on about the Herd today, I stopped her. Ive got my own agenda. Two of them.

Lachy is on day 3 of having a fever and I am going to take him to the Dr perhaps. The Dr I have in mind though is at the ER. Our ER is very clean and nice and we are usually in and out of there quickly. Those Drs know what they are doing. They arent trying to vax my kids, guilt me, or ask irrelevant questions. Our insurance covers these ER visits.

Since realizing I'd rather go to the ER than my kids own pediatrician, I've decided to leave our pediatrician for good. We are officially in the market for a new one.


brooke rains said...

You know I love my Ft. Pierce ped so much that I am considering still driving her there now that we live like 2-3 hours away. I will email you her name and blog, if interested. She is very knowledgeable with vaccines (has lots of patients who don't do any), sells cloth diapers in her office, and Diva Cups, if you want to get into that :)

Denise Punger MD IBCLC said...

@ Brooke

laura said...

ITA about the "herd" - THEY care about the herd, but MY primary concern is MY kids.