Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Mason Jar Experience

In an initial strong start to my DIY-something-off-Pinterest each weekend, Jason and I did this when the kids took a nap:

I saw something similar [on Pinterest] that screwed the jars into wood then hung it inside the house on a wall, but I am a fan of having my plants outside in the sun where I can see them when I sit on my front porch or deck. And I didnt feel like doing any carpendry. This project was screwed into our crappy fence that surrounds our backyard. Love the privacy, but the wood needs some sprucing up.

So, I bought the hose clamp rings at Hoem Depot, a bag of tiny river rock pebbles, herbs... and mason jars from Walmart that are quart size. Those were cheap, but I still would've rather had some from Goodwill. They were out, though.

Jason drilled holes into the metal rings so a screw would fit through. That was the hardest part! Then he screwed them into the fence.

He might not appreciate this picture and how unattractive his gut is. But in his defence he was sticking it out at weird angles in order to drill... lol

We didnt measure anything. After this step above I held the jars in place while he tightened the clamps CAREFULLY.

We did that times 6 since I bought that many clamps.

Then he said he was spent DIYing (20 minutes worth) and I finished up. I added pebbles.

Then dirt. Then the herbs. That was the hardest part, to me. I had to stuff those plants into it. I put the rocks in hopefully so the water will drain and the roots wont rot. We'll probably get a hard rain, they'll drown, then die. But they looked good to begin with, here's proof.


Chauntel Sedgwick Ensey said...

I found this on pinterest & have the same fence issue ;)
I am wondering how the plants did. Can you update?

Christine Ó Coileáin said...

Try the tutorial on this site to drill a hole in the bottom of each jar so you don't have to worry about drowning them. They look great and I'm about to give it a try myself.

DIY: How To Drill Holes In Glass