Wednesday, November 2, 2011

6 weeks later....

Ok. So I thought its been a month, but its been longer. I need to blog.

(ps. I dont actually want to. I wish I were sleeping right now)

The Gligs have been....
Going to preschool
Learning to stand
Jason- Being Mr. Mom each evening.
Me- Going to work for Dr Punger weekly if possible.
Finally agreeing to wear a smock while painting.
Screaming first syllables ("ah!")
Jason- Golfing. duh
Me- Leaving the family for 5 days for a CLC conference. Now certified as a CLC!
Staying at Meme's for a couple nights to give parents a break.
Sleeping through the night
Its hard to name things for Jason. It just hasnt been about him this month, lol.
Me again: studying. Doing projects. Studying. Taking tests. Studying. Going to class. 

I've wanted to be in the Fall mood but with so much going on we barely bought a pumpkin. We did, a small one, and only b/c Sunny's teacher told us to bring one to her class. We attended several fall festivals, did Trick or Treating Monday night which was AWESOME. We had mom's gator (golf cart) and rocked that neighborhood.
I have 2 A's and 2 B's in my 4 classes. One of those B's is HARD earned (Anatomy & Physiology) and I am proud of it.
Lachlan is learning to sleep in his crib in his room. Its working out well, except he wakes up often especially at nap times. We use Dr Ferber's method for sleep training... loosely. Whats really worked was not nursing him to sleep each night, instead we feed him, bathe him, then put him to bed. He's growing up so fast- crawling after Sunny, standing on anything he can grab.
My parents just came last weekend to install more baby-proofing items. My dad did all of our cabinets. Sunny never got into the cabinets much at his age. I need reassurance that they are safe when I'm not looking. Sunny can open all of our doors now, too. Ugh.

Well thats it. I didnt mention time-fillers like cooking on Sundays for the entire week, laundry, dishes, and cleaning every Saturday morning, but basically you are caught up. I wont count this as a decent blog post, just that I did one. Maybe something interesting will happen at the same time I have a moment to write about it...

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