Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Glig Verbatim

“Lachlan was born this year? Really? So my first son was born on St Patrick’s Day… My parents visited Florida- Much needed maintenance on the house was fulfilled by my father who worked tirelessly and took one day off out of 14 to play golf with me. Our deck and home are amazing. We are still working on unspoiling Sunnylee who was on the brink of no return…. Then my wife, kids, in-laws, mother and I went to Munich and Berlin- I wanted to relive my past glories, which in hindsight became insignificant to today’s glories... My golf game- I got new clubs this year and shot my very first 79; I broke 80. I went to the belly putter as well- changed my game forever….”

“Our first son was born this year, I remember that day clearly. We had a list of names at the hospital and Jason named him when he saw his little Lachlan face. Sunny called him ‘Sockie’ for months… Jason’s mum took us to Europe-- I dragged the kids all over Germany with my family, exhausting ourselves on trains and subways, eating spaetzle, and drinking Augustiner. We’ve decided to stay put in Sebastian for a while… I started school full-time again- now studying to become a nurse and an IBCLC (Lactation Consultant). I left my family for 5 days for my CLC certification-- one small step along my way. I am mentoring with an IBCLC/physician for 500 hours and I am LOVING it.”

“La-la-la-Sockie was what I actually called him. My best friend and most favorite playmate was born this year. Our highest moment was when he learned to crawl; he can now chase me when I yell, ‘Yock-yan come here!’ My Oma and Opa from Australia came to see me for a few weeks- I loved the attention and grandparent-love I received while they were here. We still Skype at least once a week together. While in Germany I turned 2 and we had a few parties about it! I began preschool this year- it was a struggle to watch mom and Lachy leave the first few weeks, but I now run in without even looking back. I come home singing and talking about my friends. They love me there, of course.”

“So I guess they told you I was born this year? My parents almost named me ‘Sam’ after Sam Champion so I should be grateful for the un-pronounceable ‘Lachlan’. They’ve guaranteed that I will move to Australia one day to be with my people who are familiar with my name…. I had a few big events this year, what with rolling over, sitting up, and crawling. I know, I know, thank you. I hope to follow it up shortly with something called ‘walking’… Recently 2 different people have asked if my sister and I were twins- I am pretty tall and we wear the same clothes. Luckily my friends don’t see me at night when I’m wearing my butterfly-hand-me-down jammies….”

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