Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So happy the holidays are OVER

Tuesday was a long day for most Gligs.

Jasons day began with his usual work and was followed by fathering his children alone through
bedtime. As usual, the kids were fed and properly worn out, in jammies and clean, and fast asleep. He's a great SAHD.

Sunny's day was her usual, plus added exercise she doesnt normally get from boring 'ole mom in the form of trampolining for hours and playgrounding for even more hours. The rumor is she asked to go to bed early.

Lachlans went the way of Sunnys, with added stressors- lack of boob-access. His favorite playmates and pacifiers were gone (thats me, people) and his cup/bottles of milk didnt do much for him. I heard he dealt with it with minimal whining, but also minimal drinking.... he made up for it in the night.

So not only was I absent from my house from 9a-9p for work, classes there, and more classes over that way, I was also up nursing my sweet needy boy at 11p, 1a, 3a, and 5a- when he decided he wanted to get up once and for all. He announced that by turning to me in bed (because after 5a I dragged him into my bed) and rubbed my face and said "mum". It was all worth it.

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